Your second documented essay assignment will be to write a 500-600 word essay about

Your second documented essay assignment will be to write a 500-600 word essay about the Glaspell play Trifles, using only one critical essay as your source, the Judith K. Russell essay “Glaspell’s ‘Trifles,'” which I have attached to this week’s assignment–it is the same essay that was attached to last week’s assignment; I just attached it to this week’s so it would be readily available.
The Essay: Write a five=paragraph essay in which you analyze “Trifles,” using what Russell says about the play in her essay. In other words, you will basically be writing an essay the only purpose of which is to summarize and explain what Russell is saying about the play. (You already did this for the first body paragraph of Russell’s essay last week when I asked you to summarize Russell’s first body paragraph, the one about Mrs. Hale.) Now you will:
1. Introduce the Russell essay, what it says overall, in your intro paragraph.
2. In your second paragraph (your first body paragraph) summarize what Russell says about Mrs. Hale in her first body paragraph.
3. In your third paragraph (your second body paragraph) summarize Russell’s second body paragraph bout Mrs. Peters . . .
4.  . . . summarize Russell’s third body paragraph about Mrs. Wright in your third body paragraph . . . 
5. . . . and conclude your paper with a final appraisal of Russell’s essay in your concluding paragraph.
This would be one way to use Russell’s essay as one of your sources in a longer research paper. You must cite the Russell essay whenever you use ANY information from or about the Russell essay in your paper, either in a direct quote like “Mrs. Hale is Clotho the spinner” (Russell 88). or in an indirect quote –Russell compares Mrs. Hale to Clotho the Spinner (88). [Notice that I had already named the source–Russell–in my sentence, so all I had to put at the end of the sentence is the page number.]
I will post your Works Cited page later today. It will consist of two entries, the play by Glaspell and the essay by Russell.
For the purposes of your essay, assume that the two pages of the file of the Russell essay I gave you are pages 88 and 89.