You will submit an APA format research paper based on therapeutic counseling techniques and

You will submit an APA format research paper based on therapeutic counseling techniques and its uses within a VIETNAMESE and FILIPINO      cultural/ethnic group. It should have 10 pages of content (title page and references are required, but do not count toward
the 10 pages). Write this paper with the perspective that you are teaching other counselors how to utilize a
particular technique. While this is not a paper on counseling theories, certain theories have indicative techniques laden
within. The counseling technique application portion of this paper will need to focus on an actual technique and its uses,
language (word choice) or expressions, and may even include client positioning, the use of family members, and or
accompanying materials (i.e. sandtray). This final paper should include the following: ● Define the empirically supported treatment, including justification and stipulations as to why it is considered best
practices within the population. ● Describe and label the role of the therapeutic relationship (empirically supported relationship) and counseling
alliance within the intervention and with the population, including any relevant tools or skills necessary for
developing the relationship. ● Discuss the particular cultural groups values, strengths, identifying characteristics and/or beliefs as they relate to
counseling (evidence-based practice) ● Include at least 5 APA style references (at least 2 must be about the chosen intervention/practice) ● Write and submit an APA style formatted paper that includes a running head, page numbers. Graduate level
writing is expected, this includes checking for wording, spelling, and grammar. ○ Title Page ○ Reference Page ———-chapter on “Multicultural Evidence-Based Practice” in the textbook before
beginning this portion of the assignment. 
Sue, D. W., Sue, D., Neville, H. A.,