You have the option of answering the question in a response to a classmate,

You have the option of answering the question in a response to a classmate, as long as you address the takeaways in the response.Please respond to the post below and agree with both of their takeaways and elaborate on it.
I enjoyed watching the recording, and I have two takeaways that could influence my career path.
1/ Public speaking is an opportunity healthcare professionals have to build stronger relationships with patients, educate the public about their services, and foster an atmosphere of trust. It’s a challenging skill to master, though. Even if you’ve got excellent presentation skills in your day job, you might find that it takes a while for you to become a great speaker—or maybe even an average one! Public speaking is something most of us are well acquainted with by now: we know how it feels when we make mistakes onstage or offstage. But people often don’t realize how much courage is required behind the microphone and on the stage. It can take years of practice before someone can successfully deliver a speech in front of hundreds or even thousands of people. Most of us need to get used to the fear and anxiety that comes with public speaking. Some people are so nervous that their voices shake, and the words they speak don’t come out correctly. They start sweating, their hearts race, and they’re unable to look at the audience. Many people fall into a panic whenever they speak in front of crowds for the first time—but this doesn’t mean we should avoid it altogether or resign ourselves to become good “little speakers”! With a bit of practice, commitment, confidence, and preparation, anyone can deliver an effective speech. I think Public speaking will impact me the most.
2/ When we have a career that the boss always tries to help us progress in our profession, enables us to study, and provides us with opportunities, it allows us to feel fulfilled. Then we can continue that job until we have to leave because of the change in the company. This is what a good boss does for their employee. Their job is to develop the skills of the employees and help them achieve success in their careers. These are the great bosses we want to learn from because they’ve managed to create a successful career while still making time for their employees. This type of boss is also willing to add value to others in their workplace and has an excellent reputation among other educators. However, the boss is not the one with authority. It is just a personal view that he has to give his advice for the employee’s career improvement, so it is not seen as an official order or law. If his advice can lead to our performance decline, we can still ask for clarifications at our own time and discuss what is so wrong in his perception on how we can improve ourselves as per him. Also, it is easy to criticize someone who doesn’t know you well than someone who knows you better.