YOGA IN SOCIETY discussion

The myriad aspects of yoga have made it both attractive and challenging for the Western culture to grapple with. The physical practice (asana) of yoga has become most popular for its benefits on both mind and body.
Research an aspect of yoga and its role in Western society. Begin with something that intrigues you or sheds light on an aspect of yoga you may or may not be familiar with and then research its cultural implication in Western society.
‘Why we practice: A short history of yoga in the west’ (Links to an external site.)
Some starting points:
Yoga in education
Yoga as therapy
The industry of yoga
Cultural appropriation of yoga
Medical research and yoga/meditation
This is by no means an exhaustive list, but may help generate ideas and provide direction for your research.
YOGA IN SOCIETY Discussion Project:
Points for Completed Discussion Project = 10 points
Research article(s) online that discuss Yoga in Western Society
Log in to Canvas -Discussion on Canvas- copy and paste the weblink for the article of your choice a new reply to the Yoga in Society description.
Provide a 2-3 sentence description of the article describing its main points pertaining to the research topic.
Answer the question: What are the cultural implications of Yoga in Western society? What do you see as being some of the short/long term consequences of yoga’s introduction into Western society on this particular topic.
Comment on at least one other research thread posted by a classmate. Continue a discussion of the topic with additional information/insight based on your own research or experience.