Written Response Early American History

Choose one of the three choices and write a written response. Pick one of the topics and answer the questions.
1) List your choice #, name of the source and the dates (Choice 2 or 3) or page numbers (Kemble) of your diary selection
2) Write a summary of what happened for the entries your read. What is the context?
3) What did you find most interesting? Give specific examples with a minimum of 2 different examples
4) How did reading the diary or the journal increase your knowledge of life at the time of your journal? Use specific examples from the diary or journal. Do not use an example you previously used.
5) A) How does reading a primary source (the diary or journal) compare to reading about the topic in a secondary source? Use details to back what you write. B) What was gained in your opinion from reading the first-hand account? Use an example from the source you picked to explain what you gained
6) How did reading the journal increase your understanding of America today?
7) If you picked Ballard and Kemble- do you think the lives of Ballard or Kemble challenged the culture of domesticity prevalent at that time? Why or why not and give an example