Women and Revolution

The Paper should be 2000 words. The topic of this paper is “Women and Revolution: The Dominican Republic and Argentina”. After that, reflect on how that topic affected real-life (today or at the time your topic happened). Talk about one role of women in the Revolution and discuss how social expectations of the time affected it. You should include an introduction (where your thesis appears), an explanation of the topic, a series of arguments to support your opinion, and a conclusion. Keep in mind that your main objective is to convince the reader that there is a connection between your example and social structures, so “sell it” well. You should include a preliminary thesis, state key questions it will address, and convince the reader of the importance of these questions. You should also include references (academic or not) that help you support your thesis. Make sure this is a well-researched and well-written paper, in which you gather references, articles, academic production, and anything related to your topic that can improve the quality and credibility of your work. General Instructions for your Papers: You should use Chicago Style citations for your references.
You should be typed (Times 12 pt) and double-spaced Each paragraph should have a recognizable purpose and have from four to six sentences. You should have a title. Do not use contractions and avoid colloquial words and phrases. Avoid the use of the first person. Simply say what you have to say. Remember that the reader knows that you would not write it if you did not think it.

Use this link for additional material for the paper. This link is a video of: “Lost and Found: Argentina’s Dirty Wars” by (Al Jazeera English)

Please make sure to use the uploaded material too. Also, look for more additional articlawzes related to the t