what to learn about becoming a librarian

In the capstone, the overarching goal is to showcase what you have learned throughout your undergraduate journey and connecting it to your professional goals and aspirations. As we get started, you are going to write your own learning outcomes for this course.

What do you expect to demonstrate in this culminating experience?
What do you want people to see from your final writing product and project presentation?
If you were looking at your own work objectively at the end of the course, what would you say you have learned or done?
You should have learned about micro-internships through Micro-Internship: Is it for you? What questions do you have? What are you thinking regarding micro-internships?
Think about and answer the questions above in your journal. Then, after reviewing the information about how to write good learning outcomes, Download write good learning outcomes,draft at least three outcomes that you believe are personally important for you to achieawzve at the end of this course.