What is a community

Step (1): Types of Communities

Provide a defining paragraph (3-4 sentences) for each noted community.

Types of Communities: There are (3) notable types of communities

Rural, Urban and Suburban

Step (2): Community as sociological construct

· Provide a summary of the type of community you currently reside in; provide examples on how you came to your conclusion, based on the definition(s) provided in step 1.

· Provide a defining paragraph (3-4 sentences) for each noted social structure within the community your currently reside in.

A social structure within a community is usually defined as

Culture, Norms, Values, Status

Step (3): Bartle – Dimensions of Community

Dimensions of Community – a healthy community is a place to live where the citizens:

· Economic, Social, Physical, Cultural, and Spiritual needs are met.

· Work together for mutual enhancements.

· Contribute to creating a healthier/improved future.

Step (4): U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Census Bureau:

Attach a copy of the July 1, 2021, US Census Population Estimates based on the community you currently reside in


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