Week Three Annotated Bibliography

This assignment will be used as a springboard for your research. It may also be used to begin to explore ideas or concepts you find interesting within the realm of the topics covered in this class.INSTRUCTIONSYou must use the Jerry Falwell Library Research Portal and identify a minimum of 10 scholarly journal articles from peer-reviewed journals addressing your topic. All references must be less than 10 years old. Ensure that the document follows current APA format. When using the provided template, delete the placeholder material and replace it with your own material. Refer to the Grading Rubric for additional project insights.You are required to read all instructor feedback and implement it on future assignments.The template will provide the layout of the assignment. Once you have researched and selected your references, the following should be included in the Annotated Bibliography:A brief statement regarding the author and his/her credentials as an authority.A crisp statement regarding the relevance of this article for your topic.A salient or meaningful quote from the article that you would likely cite if you were to write an essay on this topic. (Do not include the above criterion prompts in your final document—it is provided here only for instructional purposes. Your paper will have the above title and start with the below section.)The Research Project:Annotated BibliographyTemplate provides examples on how the assignment to look. Ensure that you take heed to how the references and the Research Project:Annotated Bibliography is structured.