week DB 3

Hello, i have some work to do , everything is explained below .
week 3 DB
You will not automatically be given 10 points for providing an initial and reply post. Your grade will be determined by how well you followed directions and whether you addressed all of the questions indicated in the instructions identified. Both initial and reply posts must be written using your own words. Any copying and pasting of information from any source (including your friends) will automatically result in a grade of 0.
Gaining access to the discussion board to view the responses of your classmates without providing an initial post (even if it’s accidental) will automatically prevent you from receiving credit.

From Chapter 2 select one of these two problems 33 or 34 (located in the Problems section at the end of the chapter on page) to solve using the problem-solving strategy Download problem-solving strategy found in section 2.3 of your textbook.
Your Initial Post is
List the strategy and include those elements of the strategy.
Step 1: Did you read the problem? Yes, I read problem number XX.
Step 2: Instead of drawing a diagram in Canvas, you can describe what you would draw. Choose which way is positive for your coordinate system; up, down, left, or right. Indicate which way your velocities and accelerations are; up, down, left, or right.
Step 3: List your quantities with their associated variables (example: v = 2.3 m/s or a = 9.8 m/s2). Identify which quantity is the one you are solving for.
Step 4: Select one of the equations from Table 2.4 in section 2.3 of your textbook to find the quantity you are solving for. Are there any unknowns in the equation? Pick a second equation to solve for this unknown if there is one.
Step 5: Solve for your unknown if there is one, and then solve for the quantity you were originally looking for. Show your work. You can use the Canvas math editor. (The root x symbol on the toolbar above if necessary.) (Do not provide your answer in an attachment. You can type your answer in a Word document and then copy and paste it into the reply box. It’s not a good idea to type directly into the reply box in case you accidentally delete everything that would require you to start over. You can save a Word document often to avoid this kind of situation.)
Step 6: Check your answer. Does it make sense? Did you include units?
Reply to a Classmate Post
In your reply post to a classmate (that selected a different problem from yours) correct any errors they made or misconceptions they have. If they did everything correctly identify what they did the best and explain why it was particularly good. Did it help your learning? Explain. Include in your reply post how you would apply this strategy to a problem that has two objects (for example a motorcycle and a car). Your book solves a two-body problem in Example 2.5 Car Chase. You are not asked to solve this problem but to describe how you would apply the strategy to a problem similar to this where one object has a constant velocity and the other has constant acceleration and you are asked to find the time for one object to catch the other one. (FYI , for the replay will be two classmate , i have to send them later )