Week 7 Assignment 1: Statistical Analysis

  1. Retrieve your coded Excel spreadsheet from Week 7 Assignment 1: Statistical Analysis, Part 1. Delete the two coded columns from last week’s assignment.
  2. Using IntellectusStatistics:
    1. Create a project/name.
    2. Upload the Excel datasheet.
    3. Go to Analyses > Descriptive Statistics.
    4. Determine the central tendencies for:
      1. Age
      2. Years of experience
      3. Pre-test
      4. Post-test
    5. Download and print the statistical analyses’ raw data from IntellectusStatistics, circle the four previously listed central tendencies, and then submit your document with the following scale data:
      1. Descriptives for gender
      2. Descriptives for age
      3. Descriptives for years of experience
      4. Descriptives for pre-test scores
      5. Descriptives for post-test scores
    6. In a Word document, summarize the results of the descriptive statistics.
      1. Create a pie chart for gender.
      2. Create a scatterplot using years of experience and label the axes appropriately:
      3. X axis = subject code
      4. Y axis = years of experience
    7. Download the PDFs of the pie chart and scatterplot in landscape orientation and upload them according to the submission instructions (following).
    8. In the Word document, add a narrative to describe the results of the scatterplot and pie chart.
    9. Submit your completed assignment to this assignment page.