Week 2: Social Behaviors

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There are a lot of agents that affect our social behavior, but three came to mind immediately for me; family, religion, and our peers.
Our families influence our social behaviors in an obvious way. Whatever values and rules we are raised with and taught as children stick with us into adulthood, and it is really hard to break free of some of those mindsets as adults because we are essentially undoing 18 years of our lives. I was taught as a child that you always respond with “yes, sir” and “yes, ma’am” when speaking to anyone older than you or above you, such as a teacher or a boss. When I moved west to Boise, I got a lot of weird looks from teachers and employers when I spoke to them this way, but for me it was just normal.
Religion impacts our social behavior in a very obvious way as well, religious beliefs typically mean that you are taught to treat everyone with respect and love, and you are generally expected to be a nice person. I was raised in a non-denominational Christian church and was taught many of these things, and while I let go of some of the values I was taught simply because I feel they no longer apply to us as a society, I still hold acceptance and kindness dear to my heart.
And finally, our peers. Our peers affect our behavior in an often less obvious way, unless they are downright peer pressuring us into change. I mentioned in my other discussion post that I was not raised in a nice area, and with this came friends that were close to me, but also didn’t have much. For many of them, including myself, this meant our parents weren’t around much and there wasn’t a lot of supervision. I went from a great student with straight A’s and an indescribable drive to be better, to a child who ran around shouting profanities and making messes where I shouldn’t have been. I have since found myself again, thank goodness, but I didn’t realize I had changed at all until I left that area when I got older and realized that my behavior was not okay at all.
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