Website Design Question

1, answer 1,2 and 3 at the end of the text of that Opportunity. Be sure to be detailed with your answers. Your answers must be written in a professional manner.
Part 2:
A University wide system at RMU needs to allow Professors access to the list of classes they are teaching. The system also needs to provide students the list of classes they are enrolled in and who their advisor is.
Write the Entity-Relationship diagram that explains these requirements. You are ONLY to model the information requested here.
What to turn in:
Part 1 is to be a word document containing your name and date along with your answers to the questions after the opportunity.
Part 2 is to be completed using a graphical program of your choice. You may also use the graphical features in Word. No handwritten assignments will be accepted.
Submit both documents above to blackboard
note for assignment part 1 I highlight the 3 questions with green color. Also I upload the ch 2 in case you want more info.