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For this assignment, please watch the following video
Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us (Links to an external site.)
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Minimize embedded contentwith an acquaintance. Try to explain to them as best as you can the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Report on what you said to make it understandable. Would you (and your acquaintance) be more satisfied with your job and more productive if it had a compelling purpose, and offered autonomy and opportunities for mastery? or if you were offered performance pay? Explain.
Then reflect on your experience as a student in k-12 and so far at university.
What has been your primary (not necessarily exclusive) motivation for going to school and taking classes? A thirst for discovery and understanding? Or obtaining a diploma as a signal that you are smart and hardworking, so as to get a better job later? Would you describe yourself as a primarily intrinsically or extrinsically motivated student?
Think back about some of your favorite and least favorite teachers over the years? What do you think motivated them? The paycheck? A sense of purpose? Would you have liked to have more teachers who are doing it “just for the money”?
How has the incessant grading you have been subjected to shaped:
your self-image? (e.g., would you describe yourself as an “A” student? And if you don’t, is it accompanied by a feeling of failure?) How do you think the way you have been graded and ranked and sorted so far in your life will affect how you perceive yourself in this world and what your expectations are?
Your perception of what school and university is all about? Have you ever crammed for an exam, only to forget everything soon after the exam? Is “getting through” a course or program like jumping through a series of hoops? What will you have to show for your effort when this is “all over”?

Please contribute thoughtful comments about these issues in the Discussions board. As always, I am expecting a noticeable critical thinking effort, not some off-the-top-of-your-head superficial comment just for the sake of getting a participation checkmark. What do you perceive your “incentives” are to do this homework?