Vulnerability Analysis in jblearning.

I apologize for any confusion this might cause.
1. Identify risks, threats, and vulnerabilities in an IP network infrastructure using Zenmap to perform an IP host, port, and services scan – [10 points] 2. Perform a vulnerability assessment scan on a targeted IP subnetwork using Nessus – [10 points] 3. Compare the results of the Zenmap scan with a Nessus Vulnerability Scan – [10 points] 4. Assess the findings of the vulnerability assessment scan and identify critical vulnerabilities – [10 points] 5. Make recommendations for mitigating the identified risks, threats, and vulnerabilities as described on the CVE database listing – [10 points]
Please complete the lab as outlined.
NOTE: you we need a username and passowrd to complete this exercise which i have one. am going need the screenshot
Lab 2: Performing a Vulnerability AssessmentExternal tool