View the following websites:Black History Ted TalkBlack EngineersWe are the World It’s important to pause and

View the following websites:
Black History 
Ted Talk
Black Engineers
We are the World 
It’s important to pause and reflect on how African Americans have helped to further scientific and technological progress—often overcoming great odds in the process. Giving credit where credit is due is overdue for some individuals. In the case of African-American scientists and engineers, there is plenty of credit to go around.  To prepare for the future, we need to appreciate and understand the past.
Upon viewing the above, complete the following:
To celebrate Diversity in Technology, please research two African Americans: one woman and one man who contributed to the computer field. 
INSTRUCTIONS: You will create a blog by writing a minimum of one paragraph for each person you selected and include the answers to the following four questions: 
What was their contribution to the field of computing?
What inspired them to pursue careers in computing?
How did underrepresentation shape the experiences of African Americans in computing?
What can be done to combat racial bias in computing and technology today?