Very easy and fast, please complete each part as is requested and gimme a high quality work

Your resume MUST meet the detailed criteria indicated on the sample and the checklists.(pay particular attention to the format and content). You need to follow the sample combination format precisely. Resumes that do not meet the minimum criteria will be returned and only graded when you can answer “yes” to all sections on the checklist.
PART B:Assignment to be submitted:Find a job posting (see the link below) that you would be interested in making application for, and write a cover letter to make application for the that job. Be sure to attach a copy of the job posting that you are writing your cover letter for. (attach a copy), not just a URL link, since links quickly expire)
I have attached document for reference for resume and cover letter .I have to also enter my personal info so leave space for that , For resume exact template is given and sample of cover letter and resume is also attached , to make sure everything is followed checklist is also included