Unit 3 responses

Write a 100 word response for each one.
Response 1.) Jayne
A Worldview is (Myers and Noebel, 2015) “a pattern of ideas, beliefs, convictions, and habits, that help us make sense of God, the world, and our relationship to God and the world.” (p. 6). Based on the finds of several accredited scholars, Secularism is a Worldview, (Myers and Noebels 2015), Charles Taylor tackles the concept of Secularism as a collection of ideas, habits, convictions, and beliefs by noting that Secularism is more than not believing in God. It includes ways of seeing life that does not include God.
Conversely, secularists believe that because they do not believe in God, they do not have a religious Worldview.
Secularism as a religion (Myers and Noebels 2015), Clifford Geertz and Emile Durkheim support the concepts of Secularism as being a religion because (Durkheim) explains that a Worldview does not need to be a belief in supernatural occurrence to be a religion. In addition, Secularism influences its members to focus on a set of ideals with missionary zeal. Contrary to Secularists who feel that they are not a religion because they do not support supernatural beliefs.
Myers, J.,