Unit 11 Project: Functions in the Real World

In this end-of-unit project, you demonstrate your ability to explain how the parameters of an exponential relate to a data set or situation being modeled as well as to find an exponential function to model a given data set or situation.
As you have learned, exponential functions have many different applications in the real-world. They can be used to model situations and make predictions. In this project, you will get the opportunity to research one of these real-world applications.
Use the Internet to do a bit of research and find a specific situation where an exponential function can be used to make a prediction. Look for something that strikes you as unusual or particularly interesting.
Once you have completed your research, open a word processing document, and write a report that includes a description of the situation and why you chose it. Then, answer the following questions:
How do the parameters of an exponential relate to the data set or situation being modeled?
How closely does an exponential function model the situation?
Will it model the situation forever or does it have limitations?
Next, use desmos.com to plot some of the data you found and find a regression model. How close is your model to the one you found in your research? What is the function (equation) of your graph?
Your report should also include the data you found, a graph of the function and data, as well as the source of your data.