two (2) contractual elements

Final Exam Review
5 short essays
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topics discussed in class are fair game
Sample question from previous finals:
1. You are the Athletics Director at Flatlands University and
responsible for hiring a new football coach. You have identified the best
candidate and are negotiating their new employment contract. Identify
two (2) contractual elements you will seek to have included to protect
the institution and explain why they are important.
2. Ocean State University has conducted an internal academic
misconduct investigation related to a term paper turned in by a
basketball player, Swoosh Parker. Based on institutional policies and
procedures, OSU determined that Swoosh received substantial
academic assistance from a former team manager and classmate,
Smarty Jones, which is an institutional violation. The paper, for which
he received an A, accounted for 50% of his grade and earned him a final
grade of B+ for the semester. This B+ elevated Swoosh’s cumulative
GPA to a 2.0. OSU’s compliance office relied on this grade to certify his
continuing eligibility, after which he led OSU to a national
championship. Based on the facts and Figure 142 attached, has an
NCAA Academic Misconduct Violation also occurred? Why or why not?
Explain your conclusion.
3. You have been placed on the newly formed NCAA StudentAthlete
Welfare Committee. Taking into consideration the current college sports
landscape, lectures and assigned readings, identify two (2) student
athlete wellbeing or welfare concerns and offer suggestions for each on
how to make an impactful change on campuses across the country.