Translate and Assess CA Legislation

Then you’ll evaluate it. Should it have been passed? Is it a good idea? Does it solve a problem or should this not have been a priority? Once you’ve taken a position on the bill advocate either for or against it. Pretend you’re explaining the bill to your parents.
TasksChoose from one of the five bills linked to at the bottom of the assignment instructions. Translate it’s main impacts and effects into plain language.
Using your knowledge about California state and county government from the readings evaluate and assess this bill as best your can.
Explain both the bill and your position on it as clearly and concisely as possible.
Your submission should have three sectionsTranslation
Evaluation and Assessment
Advocacy for or against
You can submit a written document of no more than 400 words.
Criteria for SuccessTranslation clearly conveys the main impacts and effects of the bill
Your evaluation uses at least one concept or idea from the readings to explain what the bills does
Your advocacy for or against the bills is clearly stated and uses persuasive language
I’ll try to provide video feedback for this assignment
Here are the bills for you to choose from. Each link is goes directly to the text of the bill. The analysis from the Legislative Council’s Digest will be right at the top.
Guns (Links to an external site.)
Education (Links to an external site.)
Housing (Links to an external site.)
Criminal Justice (Links to an external site.)
Election Law (Links to an external site.)
(Hint: if you’re having trouble translating, evaluating or assessing the bill try searching the name or the bill or the number. Both are listed on the left hand side of the bill right below where it says “LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL’S DIGEST”).