tourism argumentative proposal

Project (complete/incomplete)
1.Research Paper Proposal:
A 500 word (two-page) outline identifying research topic and case studies to be used and your research thesis.
Choose a topic for your research paper and describe why you have chosen this topic.
Clearly articulate your thesis statement in one sentence and then provide a list and description of the case studies and arguments you intend to use to support your thesis.
To be accepted, your thesis statement must be well written and reflect strong critical thinking. The statement must represent a strong position on a relevant issue or problem in the context of your chosen topic.
Include a reference list showing at least 5 (five) preliminary research sources. (See notes regarding writing an effective thesis statement.)
2.Document presentation should reflect excellent:
·Writing Skills
·Organizational Layout
Technical Specifications or Requirements
Assignment Submission
·Maximum of 500 words in 12 Point Times New Roman, double spaced.(excluding title page and reference list)
·Submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF format
·Title page including: title, course name and number, student first and last names, student number, date submitted)
·Pages are to be numbered
·Reference list and in-line citations in APA format. Cite at least five (5) separate sources, only 50% of which can be websites.
Potential Research Paper TopicsEco-Tourism
Wine and Culinary Tourism
Sustainable Tourism
Sports Tourism
Tourism’s Impact on the Environment
Cultural Tourism
Impacts of Tourism Taxes
Adventure Tourism
Tourism and Technology
B.C. Tourism Trends
World Economic Impact of Tourism
Leisure Time and its Impact on Travel
Tourism and the Disabled
Ethical Tourism
The Golf Market
Religious Tourism
The Ski Market
Thana-tourism (war