Topic: Cognitive dissonance and free choice paradigm  Media Article Research you have selected your research and

Topic: Cognitive dissonance and free choice paradigm
Media Article

After you have selected your research and media articles, you will complete a brief (2-3 page) summary, answering the prompts below. A full-credit response will fully answer each prompt with accuracy and reflection based in your research of the topic. 
Before you get started, review the Final Project Instructions.
Use this assignment as an opportunity to organize your thoughts about your two articles, and ensure an understanding of both. You will use this reflection as a guide for the second part of this project: the recorded presentation.
[5pts] What are the main statements of the news article? What information do they conclude about the research study?
[5pts] What is the main finding of the empirical research paper?
[5pts] What did the researchers actually do, how did they do it, and what did they conclude? Do you believe that their conclusions are justified based on the data?
[5pts] Why did you select this article? What about the topic was compelling enough that you wanted to learn more about the approach?
[10pts] How does the news article do an ACCURATE job of conveying the main findings of the research study? How is it INACCURATE?
[10pts] How can you apply what we have learned about the principals of influence and biases throughout this course to contextualize these inconsistencies?
[5pts] Does your understanding of the experiment and news article change your opinion on the value of the media article? On the experimental rational?
[5pts] Include all sources cited in APA format, and summary has been edited for grammatical errors.