This is a two page outline of a 3000-5000 words essay that I will

This is a two page outline of a 3000-5000 words essay that I will post after. Only place a bid if you cn do the full paper as well, within the next 2-3 weeks.I have chosen an ethical issue already, DEFUNDING OF POLICE IN CANADA. The outline and paper are both based on this ethical issue.Assignment Advice:
The goal of the assignment is to get you thinking about the topic and structure of your final paper in advance. Good papers in Ethics take time, and good ethical reflection cannot be rushed. You will need to read and think carefully to write a good final paper. The Paper Outline exists to encourage you to start this process early.
Ethical reflections are richest when they come from the heart, so take your time and pick an issue that is interesting to you. In my opinion, choosing a good issue is the most important part. Don’t pick something boring or obvious just because you’re in a rush to get started. Take your time and pick something you genuinely want to spend some time thinking about.
In particular, make sure you clearly explain why the issue is ethically problematic. A true ethical dilemma has (at least) two sides, and is something reasonable people will disagree about. So, the best topics are topics that can be reasonable argued either way. Choosing an issue like this will make it much easier to write a compelling final paper.
Good sources are worth their weight in gold. I highly encourage you to put in some time finding articles that really speak directly to your issue. Learning about what other ethicists have to say on your issue will make your own opinion much richer and more sophisticated.

The Paper Outline will:
a)    Briefly explain a contemporary ethical issue or topic that you will explore in your final paper,  
-you don’t necessarily need to have made a final decision on your exact topic, but you should know what sort of thing you intend to write about. Your outline should explain why you chose this issue, what about it interests you, and why it represents an ethical dilemma.
b)    Indicate which of the Ethical Theories that we have covered you intend to use in your final paper
-in the final assignment, you will compare your own ethical opinion on your topic you have chosen to two of the theories we learned about in class. Your outline should briefly indicate what theories you want to use and why you think they are a good choice. You may want to briefly indicate how you think each theory could be applied to the topic you’ve chosen, what sort of issues it raises, etc.
c)     List at least 5 academic sources that will help you research your topic and formulate your own ethical opinion about it.
-for each source, briefly explain how it will help you write your paper

IMPORTANT: Please use only use the following theories for the two theories required for question b,
Nicomachean ethics, Aristotle The Republic book II, Foucault’s theories, Utilitarian ethics. My suggestion is use Foucault and Utilitarian ethics and explain why we chose them in brief