These were the instructions givenThe Unit 3 Homework helps to prepare you for the

These were the instructions given
The Unit 3 Homework helps to prepare you for the Unit 4 Homework. The Unit 4 Homework assignment is a five-paragraph cause and effect essay on your own topic, based on the principles of essay writing. Unit 3 Homework prepares you for essay writing by giving you an opportunity to practice writing different types of paragraphs you may use in the development of your essay.
The foundation for writing an essay, in part, is understanding paragraphs. To begin a paragraph, start with a topic and develop the topic into a sentence. For an essay, that topic sentence is called a thesis statement because it is a sentence about the topic of the entire essay rather than about a paragraph. The difference is the topic must be broad enough to cover an essay, which is about 3 pages long.
Once you have a thesis statement (simply a topic sentence about a larger topic that includes a position), write out three reasons the thesis statement is true. Think about it as if you’re answering the question “why.” Those answers are your topic sentences for your body paragraphs. Don’t worry. You can do this. Take it one step at a time.
Step 1: Download this template, which contains both the questions for you to answer and the spaces to write practice paragraphs.
Step 2: Answer the questions on page 2 of the template.
Step 3: Write practice paragraphs using the prompts on page 3 of the template.
Step 4: Save the template as a Microsoft Word Document, and submit it to the Unit 3 Homework Dropbox.