Therapy presentation AND two student response

Your assignment this week, Module 8: Therapy, is to view two other students’ posts from last week, identify the disorder presented AND create a digital image recording (video) of a therapy or therapies you prescribe as the clients’ therapist. You may use the SAME two students OR you may choose two other students or one used one new. You must include:
The student’s name so I know who you are helping.
The disorder you identify.
The therapy or therapies you prescribe for your client. Stay in character as the therapist and pretend you are speaking directly to your client (you may use a family member as a stand in if this helps you stay in character).
Try to keep your presentation under 5 minutes
Erik Gill,
Hello good morning doctor , so here is what’s been happening to me for a few years now. Quite frequently there are times and situations when all the sudden I feel like I cant catch my breath and I begin hyperventilating and I can feel my heart pounding in my chest and my pulse gets faster and faster. When my heat starts beating hard I feel this extreme pressure in my chest and almost like pain in my heart when it beats. Then all kinds of scary thoughts about my health begin to race through my mind. I try to relax and wait it out and hope it goes away but then I start feeling dizzy and my arms and legs start slightly shaking. I get so worried that I might be having a heart attack or a stroke that I call 911 and when the E.M.S. crew shows up the paramedics take my vitals. My blood pressure is always fine and my pulse will be about ninety to one hundred beats per minute and when they do a twelve lead E.K.G. on me my heart always has normal sinus rhythm. My PQRST waves are all waving like they should and their is never any ST elevation. By the time they get to me and are in the middle of the E.K.G. I’m already starting to feel better just knowing that they are there. When ever this appends all I can do for the next several weeks is just think about when and if its going to happen again and will it be a real heart attack next time. It scares me so bad that what ever it was tat I was doing I then start to avoid doing that. I’ve started to wonder if there something wrong with me going on upstairs ya know what I mean. Please help me doc , tell me have I gone nuts or what ?
Fernando Lopez,