The Power of Street-Level Bureaucrats

Please write the essay based on the written proposal (supporting materials) and the teacher’s feedback I attached.

Case study essay summative analysis: 2200-2500 words. Analyse a chosen public management issue in a case study essay.

This assignment is the culmination of your previous work. You should have acted on the feedback and advice given in your previous assessment and discussions and further engaged with research on your topic.

In this assignment, you are required to answer your research question in an essay format. Further guidance regarding these structures and their requirements will be provided in class and on the Canvas site for this unit. Structure templates for effective essay writing will also be provided.

Before writing the essay:

Read the essay or policy brief writing advice provided.
Act on the feedback and advice given in your previous assessment. Assignments that do not act upon feedback will be dimly viewed when grading.
Engage further with primary and academic research on your topic and the themes you have identified as relevant. Employing some additional academic research beyond the set readings or materials introduced in lectures is a requirement. The best uses of these academic materials will demonstrate what they add to what we have covered in lectures, seminars and readings, rather than simply parroting those class materials.

In the essay itself:
You should follow the conventions for essay writing. It is important to note that these formats have different conventions:
An essay, at a minimum, should follow the intro, body conclusion format and use formal academic language.

Ensure that appropriate reference to at least some of relevant themes from weeks 2-12 is demonstrated.
Write this up with conventional academic citation of materials, employing a citation style guide of your choice.

Assessment criteria

Breadth and appropriateness of theoretical, empirical, primary and secondary research;
Appropriate selection of a case study. Relevant factors here will be: the originality of the selected case study and the relevance of its scope to a 2200-2500 word paper;
Appropriate selection and application of theoretical perspectives from the political science / public administration / management / governance literature to the chosen case study essay;
Skillful employment of research to mount argument and analysis;
Appropriate and effective structuawzre to an essay;
Appropriate language and referencing.