TED Reflection 1

For this assignment, please begin by carefully reading the article in the week 2 content page that was published by the experts at TED and watching at least one of the relevant talks.
Once you have done the required reading/viewing, I would like you to reflect back on what you’ve learned and write at least a paragraph that addresses the following questions:
What video(s) did you watch?
What was the most interesting and/or valuable thing you learned?
As a manager, how could/would you apply what you learned from the talk(s) in the workplace?
In order to be eligible for full credit, your submission must answer all of the above questions and consist of at least 250 thoughtful, proofread words. It will be scored using the Reflection Rubric, which is attached to this assignment.
Reading Assignment 1: Chapter 2 in Both Textbooks
For this assignment, I will be asking you to read chapter 2 in both of your textbooks. Chapter 2 in Bateman will cover the evolution of management. Chapter 2 in Karlins will cover time management. You will want to make sure you complete these readings prior to taking Exam 1 and watching Reading/Viewing Assignment 2.
Reading/Viewing Assignment 2: TED Introduction to Management.
For this assignment, I would like you to read a short article by the experts at TED that examines the evolution of management. On the right-hand side of the article, you will see a collection of relevant talks. Please watch at least one of these talks prior to completing your reflection assignment for Module 2, which will be due Sunday night at 11:59PM. Both the article and the videos can be found here