Task 2: To reverse a negative trend with didactic leadership.

You have just taken over a class from a colleague, a class that the colleague experienced as very negative and difficult to motivate. When you meet the students, they say that they want variety in the teaching, “it was always the same before”. You have noticed that there is a huge spread in the knowledge levels within the group and you are thinking about how to deal with that situation. You have also noticed that there are social groupings in the class that do not benefit learning. Power structures mean that students cheat on each other and no one dares to break the patterns or talk to anyone outside their own group. During the sports holiday, you decide to think through how you can set up your teaching to breathe new life into this group of students. Your assessment is that the negative class culture primarily has social reasons. Based on the literature, discuss different perspectives on what you can do to reverse the negatiawzve trend and create motivation.