Data Practice Questions

c.d 8-b, d-1 11 Fill in Missing Data and Calculate Hcalc 14-b
3-a2 6-b. c-1 9-b 12 Fill in Missing Data and Calculate Hcalc 15-a
4-a2, b-1 7-b,d 10-b 13a
Questions 2, 5, 7, and 8 each have two pages attached so you can see the d part of the question. You only need to do the parts of the problems noted in this assignment. I have attached copies of Questions 1-5, the others will follow.


Antigone Film #1: 1961, Yorgos Tzavellas

This is different from writing a review, which is essentially an expression of an informed opinion, such as “the acting was good.” Describing your own response to the acting would look something like this:
“I noticed that the actors really knew all their lines and their blocking very well – they seemed very comfortable up there. I found myself being impressed by how polished the acting was even as I was enjoying the story.”
Or this:
“I noticed that there were long stretches where the actors just seemed to be going through the motions, not really feeling anything – I found that I didn’t believe in the play. My mind was wandering.”
Notice how in the above examples, each sentence starts with “I” or “my.” That is because to do this assignment right, you need to shift your focus back and forth from describing exactly what you saw on the screen, and then describing your reaction to and/or your assessment of what you saw. As you watch the film you are also watching yourself watch the film – and noticing your own reactions.
You’ll be taking it one step further, and commenting on why you felt the way you did – what about the acting, directing, playwriting, or design evoked that reaction in you.
Step one is to choose one of the films assigned in class, and watch it again, this time with a more critical eye.
Identify three specific moments in the film that grab your attention in some way; your response to the moment can be positive, negative, or somewhere in between.
Take Notes during the film! There’s no better way to do this, trust me. You want to pause the video right at that specific moment that you think is interesting for some reason, and then right then and there, write down your thoughts! Write down just what you need to in order to describe the moment of the film, describe your reaction to it, and speculate as to what about that moment – acting, directing, playwriting, or design – is making you feel that way. You’re going to go back later and flesh out these notes as you complete the project.
Identify those three moments by line or by action:
By Line: When Iago says: “This is the night that either makes me, or foredoes me quite,” I found myself nodding, agreeing with him – it was true, I realized, it was far too late for him to turn back – and right then, I was almost, to my surprise, hoping he would win. Almost like I was a co-conspirator.
By Action: When Othello slammed Desdemona down onto the bed, I was shocked –the staged violence was so sudden and so convincing that for a split second of a moment I believed that it was real.
Describe three moments in detail, quoting the line or describing the action in such a way as to help me find the moment you’re talking about.
Describe your personal response to it – your reaction, thoughts,

Solicitation vs. Conspiracy to Commit a Crime

Conspiracy to Commit a Crime”
Part 1: (150 Words)
Comparing and Contrasting the required elements of solicitation of another to commit a crime versus the required elements of conspiracy to commit a crime. Using the Internet, find a real-world example of one of the two crimes (either solicitation or conspiracy – your choice) from a news article and please provide the link. Give a brief synopsis of the facts, and then think like a prosecuting attorney – present what crime you would charge the defendant with, and demonstrate how the facts prove each individual element of the crime you have chosen.
Part 2: (150 Words)
Respond to the following statement. (This response has nothing to do with the Part 1. This response has to be unique and is its own separate page.)
“I have learned a lot this week about affirmative defenses. The videos posted in the thread really helped me gain an understanding on the differences also. Some of the different affirmative defenses include self-defense, which can only be used when you are defending yourself from harm. A necessity defense can be used if you prove that the crime was committed for the necessity of the safety of you or others. Defense of others can be used if you are committing the crime to protect others from harm as you would protect yourself if in their position. Entrapment defense would be to prove that the police set you up by making you commit a crime that you would have in no other fashion thought to do on your own. An insanity defense would be used if you are not capable of understanding the severity of the crimes that are committed.
The sentence “The defendant is competent to stand trial” means that the defendant is of right mind when the crime was committed.
The case of Jackson v. Indiana what is a 23-year-old who is committed and place an institution for stealing roughly $9 worth of items. I feel that the state did the best that they could in the time 1972 in the limited amount of knowledge that was probably around of people with mental illnesses. I do not agree with how that case went but I believe that at the time it was probably a learning process for everyone.

Link Provided: Jackson v. Indiana 406 U.S. 715 (1972) | Juvenile Competency Attainment Research

RACI Chart on excel

Creating a RACI chart can be a challenge and takes practice. In this assignment, you will create and submit a RACI chart. As the project manager, you have been tasked with determining the roles of team members. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers, but several ways to interpret how the tasks and resources should be allocated. Create a RACI chart for a website reveal based on the tasks listed below. You may use the provided RACI Excel template. Pat Hint: I disagree with the book on this, so please read this carefully: Each person only gets one responsibility. There must be only one person Responsible (R) for each task, and one person Accountable (A) for each task. Make sure each task only has one R and one A, and that they go to different people.Project: Launching new website at company picnicTask: Taylor, the company’s Senior Vice President (SVP), told you that you’ll be surprising the 100 employees of your company with the launch of the new website at the company picnic next month. She said she trusts your judgement but would like to run the final plan across A.J., the head of HR, who is in charge of the picnic. Everyone in the company has been working on some part of the website for over a year. You need to work the exciting reveal into the company picnic. Your committee – made up of project managers from across the company – needs to complete the following tasks:Create signage.
Create a fun way to reveal the new website.
Write up FAQs about the new website.
Create a teaser to send out prior to the picnic.
Schedule time to work together.
Create a timeline for the reveal.
Committee Members: You, Zarina, Erika, Jonas, and Mike

Divya CPT week 4

Goals for this week and their relationship to our course objectives
This week our learning materials, activities, and assignments will help you achieve these goals:
Begin to understand the purpose of OFFSET functions
Practice using OFFSET functions
Develop proficiency with the use of OFFSET functions
which will assist you in achieving these course objectives:
Understand different techniques used for data analysis.
Design and implement realistic predictive solutions based on data eliminating uncertainty about data quality.
Evaluate the impact decisions support systems and Business Intelligence have on an organization.

Identify a relevant federal funding opportunity

Now, you will take a deeper look at some of these programs and their implications.Use your knowledge to consider not only the impact of the funding but also what you think the programs should do in the future to remain successful.For this assignment:Choose a Federally funded early childhood education program that seems relevant for your career path.
You may find excellent examples on the U.S. Department of Education’s Early Childhood Development: Programs

Promoting Inquiry

Consider the early childhood classroom environment. Develop 10 inquiry-based activities for learning centers or whole group within the classroom. Learning centers to consider are dramatic play, blocks, manipulatives, math, science, discovery/sensory, light table, writing table, art, library, sand/water table, or other center/interest area that you might find in the early childhood classroom.
Compose a brief description of each activity including the center where it will be housed or the time of day in the schedule and a materials list.Include any graphic organizers for the learning experiences.
Mixing colors
In the science center children will mix colors in clear plastic cups/containers to discover which colors make which. Children will use a pipette to mix two or more colors together. Children will record their findings on a graphic organizer.
clear cups or containers
liquid water color or food coloring
wide tape (to secure cups/conntainers to table)
graphic organizer
paper towels


psychopharmacology DB

Assignment Details
Scenario: You are working with several offenders at your facility with an addiction to methamphetamines. Your supervisor wants you to explain the inherent dangers of methamphetamine drugs.
Please include answers in your main posting for the following questions:
What is the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA’s) schedule for methamphetamines, and what category drug is it, legally?
When taking a person into custody, what would make methamphetamine users different from users of other controlled substances? Why?
Would you be more concerned about executing a warrant in a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory or an industrial chemical laboratory? Why?

ACC301 JOINT PRODUCT AND BY PRODUCT COSTING, Measuring, Monitoring, and Motivating Performance

XYZ Industries Co. decided to allocate Human Resource department costs based on the number of employees in each department and Information Technology costs based on the number of machine hours in each department. (2marks)
Give a numerical example for the four departments, given the table below, (the numerical information should be appropriate as per the table given as a reference.

Support Departments
Operating Departments
Human Resource
Information Technology
Hot Rolled Hollow Steel
cold Rolled Hollow Steel
Total department cost

Number of employees

Number of machine hours

b- Then based on your given information, use The Direct method to allocate support department costs.
Allocate cost:
Human Resource

Information Technology


For what types of products is the physical output method appropriate? Give suitable and real example that should support your answer. ch9 (1mark)

Green Computing

Briefly describe the organization and then answer these questions for each:
What was the ethical issue?
Who was responsible for the issue?
How was the issue addressed?
How were stakeholders impacted?
What was the impact on the organization?
How did the organization address the issues?