Sociology 1001 Discussion

This perspective represents a “personal trouble.”The sociological imagination incorporates the societal experience of COVID-19, including the loss of jobs, the closing of businesses and schools, and the cancelling of public events.
These examples represent the effects of the virus on the individual level and that of the larger society, broadening the impact of the virus from a “personal trouble” to a “public issue.”
For this Discussion, you will consider a social issue of interest to you; what the issue “looks like” within society; and in what ways it is a “personal trouble” and “public issue.”
By Day 3
Post at least a 2-paragraph response to the following prompts:
Consider a social issue that interests you and describe the social issue you selected.
Using your sociological imagination, describe what the social issue “looks like” within society.
Explain in what ways the social issue is a “personal problem” and a “public issue.”

Application of Feminist Theory to a Case Study

 In 1 to 2 sentences, explain how feminist theory you are utilizing defines and
explains the cause of the problem.
 In 1 to 2 sentences, use feminist theory to describe the role of the social worker
to facilitate change in the case study.
 In the assessment phase, identify 2 assessment questions you will ask to explore
what the client’s goals are and how they will get there. Remember, feminist theory should be driving the assessment.
 Describe two interventions to address the problem and explain how the clients
will implement the interventions. Remember, feminist theory should be driving the interventions.
 In 2 to 3 sentences, discuss how you would evaluate if one of the interventions
you identified is effective with the client.
 Explain how, specifically, you will set the tone throughout your work with the
client to reduce the hierarchical relationship and make it more collaborative.
 Evaluate one strength and one limitation of feminist theory in working with the
Be sure to:
 Identify and correctly reference the case study you have chosen.
 Speak clearly.

Why do you think that the color line remains one of the most volatile topics facing the nation?

E. B. Du Bois said, “The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line—the relation of the darker to the lighter races.”
Question: Why do you think that the color line remains one of the most volatile topics facing the nation?
Be sure to reference theory or research from the text reading (Chapter 12-Race and Ethnicity) to support your answer or opinion.
Your response should be one page (300-350 words, double-spaced, word count does not include your name or references at the bottom of the page)
To support your answer, use examples and information from the text and module reading.
Reminder: You are required to comply to the Academic Honor Code at all times. Facts, quotes, ideas, etc. that are borrowed from a resource or resources other than personal experiences must be cited in proper APA format in your response.
In paper citations: Please note, any sentences with facts you use or paraphrase from the text or course reading must be followed by the last name of the author and the year of publication.

Example of an in-paper citation: People are spending more time online every day than doing anything else (Clement, 2020).
Any in-paper citations must have the APA reference at the bottom of the paper.

Clement, J. 2020. “Internet Usage Worldwide— Statistics and Facts.
RubricSOC101 – Module 3 Explore

Review the movie

Students are expected to watch the movie entitled, When They See Us. The movie is available on Netflix. Students are expected to watch the movie using knowledge gained from class discussions, group discussions, reflection journal submissions and insight on the U.S. criminal justice system. Students are expected to apply and demonstrate forensic social work practice knowledge, values, skills, and critical thinking in the scholarly written assignment. The instructor has assigned each scholar one of the names of the five young men in the Case to ensure balance in analyzing each individual’s experience in the Case.
The names of the five young men are Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Yuself Salaam, and Korey Wise.
Review the movie
Critically analysis gaps in the case of each young man
Analyze the experience of the assigned young male accused of the crime
RUBRIC: Ensure each area below clearly presented in the paper. Each bulletd point is worth 10 % (10 points)
Share the name, demographic background and history of the young man chosen
Analyze the factors that led the incarceration of the young man
What factors impacted the well-being of the young man, while incarcerated
What factors influenced the social, economic, and environmental health of the young man and his family Be detailed
What were the strengths, challenges, and overall impact of the criminal justice system during the arrest, court hearing and incarceration time? Be detailed.
What roles to criminal justice law, respect for human rights, race, gender and other factors play in influencing the young man’s case, based on your knowledge of Forensic Social Work? Be detailed
What factors influenced the healthy reintegration of the young man back into society? Be detailed
What processes, laws, criminal justice reform measures can be recommended to address similar issues in the U.S? Be detailed with examples using literature and State Laws
What lessons were learned from analyzing the case as an emerging Social Worker? How can the lessons learned be useful as Forensic Social Worker to promote equity, fairness, justice, equality, and respect for the dignity and worth of others.
Professional Writing:
Include a Cover page (name of student; class name, name of paper and date submitted)
Page limit: 5 pages with headers
There should be in-text citations using 3-4 citations. HINT: The movie can be one citation and the book can be one additional citation. Use APA Guidelines to cite references
Use APA guidelines on the reference page.
A reference page header is entitled, References
Paper should be written using grammatically sound paragraphs.
The paper should be in the first person; use “I” to refer to one’s own experiences.
Use Times New Roman, 12 font, double space, and 1-inch margins.

Need assistance with discussion posts

Nova Science Now – Alzheimers and memory HD
Second Discussion Post- Answer the following prompt
This week we learned about unruly bodies, bodies that do not adhere to Western beauty and health ideals. Reflecting on the following reading “Who Gets to be Fit?” (Links to an external site.)and our other readings this week do the following assignment:
Since the beginning of shelter-in-place, you have probably seen numerous ads for gyms, diets, and exercise equipment to help you lose weight or maintain your size at home . For this assignment, you will conduct three google image searches: one will be for “fit woman,” another will be for “wellness,” and the last will be for “women’s health magazine.”
Use the reading to discuss: According to these images, what does it mean to be a fit, well, and healthy woman? What kinds of assumptions are being made about fitness, wellness, and health in these images that might marginalize women of color? Is there space for wellness for disabled bodies represented? What might an intersectional approach to fitness help us understand about how women of color perceive their bodies and what it means to be “healthy” and “fit”?
-Reference readings for this discussion post that are attached as well!!!

604 Week 10: Weber, Economy

Written memos should be 2-3 single-spaced pages, 12-point font. Your memo should discuss topics or questions arising from the week’s reading. You might pull out specific passages to comment on or pull out what you see as a key concept, idea, or argument from the reading. These are thought pieces – they should be coherent, but they are not polished papers. You should end your memo by proposing at least one question for contemplation/discussion.*
Legitimate domination

Sex, Gender, and Sexuality Question

Part 1: Define and differentiate between sex, gender, and sexuality.
Part 2: Distinguish between transgender, transsexual, intersexual, and homosexual identities.
Part 3: Throughout history we as American’s, as well as many other countries; subscribe to dominance – a dominant gender, (male) a dominant race,(caucasian) and now a dominant sexuality (heterosexual). However, some Indigenous North Americans embraced and found it to be of high honor to be ‘two-spirited.’ What does that mean and how would that make a difference for acceptance and inclusion for our own culture if we shared those views today?
Your submission should be 700-800 words minimum.

Read from ch4-7 from the book

45), how sociology is organized as a discipline and how
envy can affect scholarship, and that we, as emerging or full-fledged
sociologists, do not need to choose team culture or team structure
wholeheartedly as it oversimplifies the social world. My book is
especially marked up this reading session, is yours? I had to laugh at
the philosophy envy examples as I knew someone in grad school who used
those exact words ALL the time! There are so many ideas to talk about
from insiders/outsiders to the types of envy sociologists may
internalize to the need/desire to impress others (both in our “camp” and
other disciplines) to the true goal of sociology and more. Can’t wait
to see what got you thinking! You must post before you can see other’s posts
For your post (click the reply button below), share ONE “big ideas” that was new or insightful for you.
Explain why this is significant to you and the scientific study of the
social world. Identify something you didn’t understand well or that
raised more questions for you. Be sure to use in-text citations when
appropriate and page numbers so others can easily find the passages
you’re discussing!


Narrow the broad category of interest (below) and then narrow again and again… until you reach specific federal legislation, a bill/statute that you will analyze.
Explore these topics and break them down into specific areas of study that you find exciting, and you can imagine getting involved in advocacy efforts to improve the social problems addressed by this policy.
Start with your top 2 priorities (food stamps and child abuse) and in each link below explore the topic and select at least 1 historic or current example of a federal statute/bill for discussion in class. Also, go to the link Social Work: Public Policy and explore your research ideas.
Develop a methodology, and a roadmap for completing the research and overall assignment.
Organize your research journey with a strategy

Discussion: Theory Creation

A few weeks ago, you first looked at a sample mind map related to sibling needs in response to older sibling incarceration. In this Discussion, you will return to that mind map to try to find connections between concepts in order to draft a theory that works to explain those connections.
To Prepare
Review the Learning Resources and Course Announcement.
Access the Sample Mind Map, which is the same sample from Week 5. Consider the connections between the concepts on the mind map.
Review the mind map to find connections between the concepts. Consider possible reasons for these connections and draft a theory based on that discussion.
Note that Discussions in the doctoral-level Human Services programs are areas for sharing ideas, reflecting on current research, and building community. Therefore, your grade, and the evaluation of your Discussion, will be based on the content and quality of your ideas. Note that APA style citations, references, and standard punctuation will not be assessed or graded. As a human services professional and doctoral student, you should always maintain a professional and academic tone. Please focus on shaping your ideas and supporting your claims with examples and research when applicable. However, every course has its own standards and requirements, so it is important to always check those requirements for each course and each assignment.
Respond to all bullet points in the prompt.
By Day 4
Write a 200- to 300-word initial post:
State the theory you drafted based on the connections between the concepts on the mind map.