DISCUSSION Forum # 01: The Gods Must Be Crazy

Please watch this movie carefully applying covered course material on Culture and Society. The following discussion forum will be drawn from this movie. The movie portrays cultures across three societies at different developmental stages. The movie is about the tribal people in a remote African desert live a happy life, but it is all torn to pieces when a Coca-Cola bottle falls from a plane. With the villagers fighting over the strange foreign object, tribal leader Xi (N!xau) decides to take the bottle back to the gods to restore peace. His journey to the “end of the world” eventually has him crossing paths with a bumbling scientist (Marius Weyers) and a band of guerrillas who take a schoolteacher (Sandra Prinsloo) and her class hostage.

Discussion Topic
Culture refers to values, beliefs, material and non-material culture that together make a people’s way of life.
1. Compare and contrast at least 2 of the above cultural elements between the portrayed cultures in the movie.
2. Relate August Comte’s theory (covered in Chapter 01, The Sociological Perspective) of how societies progress from the theological, to the metaphysical, to the scientific stages, based on what you have observed in societies displayed in the movie the Gods must be crazy. (Relate specific examples of stages or events you have observed in the movie).

Dental Office Emergencies Project

Dental Office Emergencies Project (NOTE: please add colored photos, maps …..etc follow all details

Project: Develop an Emergency Action Plan for your dental office. The plan should include the following:

1. Office policy regarding staff responsibilities (Assigned Roles) during a medical emergency. This policy must include:
• 15 pts: Specify the role of each employee in the office
• 5 pts: Include contingency plans for absent coworkers

2. Training needed by the staff to be adequately prepared for an emergency. Include:
• 5 pts: What kind of training is required;
• 5 pts: How often the staff must attend;
• 5 pts: Who maintains/monitors the records of certifications and training.

3. Practice Name and Address must be listed on the project: 10 pts

4. Emergency telephone numbers must be include (find the real numbers):
• 10 pts: Nearest Hospital, Urgent Care, 911, Fire Department and Poison Control

5. A kit for medical emergencies. Your kit should be able to provide care to patients experiencing cardiac and respiratory emergencies, seizures, anaphylaxis, diabetic emergencies, and severe bleeding from injuries.
• 5 pts: Include equipment that the office staff as well as those that the dentist can use;
Describe the purpose of each piece of equipment for full credit.
• 10 pts: Include supplies and medications that the office staff as well as those that the dentist can use;

Describe the purpose of each item for full credit.
• 5 pts: Describe the container that will hold these supplies in an organized and usable fashion.
• 5 pts: Explain the procedure whereby the kit is regularly inspected and restocked.

6. A floor plan of the office that has:
• 3 pts: A minimum of five rooms and two exits shown;
• 2 pts: routes marked in red;
• 2 pts: Fire extinguisher(s) marked in red;
• 2 pts: Oxygen tank marked in green (note – you may have only one);
• 2 pts: Eye wash station(s) marked in blue;
• 2 pts: Automatic external defibrillator marked in yellow (note – you may have only one); and
• 2 pts: Emergency kit(s) marked in orange (note – you may have up to two)

Make sure you also have a legend indicating what each color stands for (e.g., blue= eyewash station)

You may not photocopy an office floor plan; you must create your own. Floor plan may be neatly drawn by hand.

7. Format of Action Plan:
• 5 pts: Must be typed on 8 ½” x 11” paper using 10-12-point Times New Roman or Ariel font
• Automatic -10-point critical skill deduction for misspelling, grammar and punctuation

Creative leadership

Evaluate five of the major tasks of the value-driven healthcare leader and discuss their connection to a digital era healthcare team. Discuss the steps that you can take as a leader to get staff to focus on value instead of function. Use your organization as appropriate to the discussion.

Text book link below incase you need it
1) Porter-O’Grady, T. and Malloch, K. Quantum Leadership: Creating Sustainable Value in Health Care,
Fifth Edition. ISBN: 9781284110777
2)Brown, B. Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. ISBN: 9781785042140

Expansion of Mental Health or Substance Abuse Services Business Plan

When adhering to guidelines set forth under legal mandates for health care reform, health care executives must weigh the opportunities and challenges of implementing new health service initiatives within the context of their health care organization. To what degree will new services be offered? What target population will be best served by expanded offerings? Are new staff members, pieces of equipment, or facilities required for expanding the types of health services being offered through the business development plan?

Questions such as these reflect just a fraction of the types of considerations health care executives need to keep in mind when developing and presenting to the board of directors a business plan for new health services in a health care organization.

you will individually create a PowerPoint presentation using the group assignment submitted. The PowerPoint presentation assignment is an individual assignment that uses the group assignment; This is not a group assignment. Using the group assignment you submitted in individually create and post your own PowerPoint presentation for your classmates to review. As you review each of your classmates’ presentations, reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the recommendations in their presentations.
Please use group assignment attached and summarize business plan for an executive brief.