re wording discussions , each week has information take from it and re word for my discussion

WEEK 5: Needs Assessment
Secondary/Pre-existing evidence of what is important for your topic/community (literature review, articles, reliable media, community, etc)
Primary Data Collection Needed: Do you need to do your own needs assessment? If so, include assessment tools and questions to be asked (okay to list)
Next Steps needed – What else do you need to find out? Do next?
Provide references as needed (When citing evidence/making a statement of fact or using pre-existing questions, etc)
Week 6: Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives – Part 2Refine and finalize your Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives (that you discussed last week)
What is important to your team for this project?
Mission Statement
Vision Statement
Objectives (1-3 per Goal)
Week 7: Program Components Brainstorming Part1Based on your Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives your group will discuss options and ideas for the following important program components. Note that not everyone has to do each of these, but everyone does need to contribute to a part of the following:
Target Behaviors Addressed
Target Populations Addressed
Outreach Methods (how will you get people involved)
Program Components -What will your program actually do?
Program Activities – How will it be done?
Include details so it can be replicated
Week 8 (Theory)
Please discuss all of the following:
Which public health theory or theories you are using to guide your project components (look back to logic model)?
Which other theories are guiding your project?
Describe how these theories apply to your project
Include images of the theories tailored to your topic area and priority population

Disability Current Affairs: Conservatorship

Whether it be people with medical disabilities/pre-existing conditions, or people with a mental health, developmental, intellectual, or sensory disabilities, the experience of being conserved is daunting for many people with disabilities and their loved ones. However, most people remain unaware of the controversy surrounding the topic of conservatorship until recently with the Britney Spears case. For this assignment, your task is to examine and learn how conservatorship affects the lives of people with a variety of disabilities, as well as their families.
Learning Objectives: Students will summarize three references that address the topic of conservatorship and the disability community.
Students will apply their knowledge of course concepts to the topic of conservatorship.
Students will explore alternatives to conservatorship.
Students will examine the controversies surrounding disability and conservatorship and evaluate their own perspectives on these issues.
Assignment Content RequirementsYou are required to complete the following prompts. For each prompt, please write 1-3 paragraphs.
Summarize and provide your opinion on the controversy of the #FreeBritney (Britney Spears) movement. Explain some of the issues and arguments that you find.
Examine three references on the topic of conservatorship. These references should be a combination of peer-reviewed articles, online sources, or online videos. In your summaries include key points and arguments. Make sure to cite your sources (include a link to your source)
How accessible was it for you to find current, understandable information regarding conservatorship and alternatives to conservatorship? Were there resources in other languages? Non-legaleze resources for families? How accessible is information regarding alternatives to conservatorship for immigrant families who speak other languages, or parents with learning disabilities, etc? What barriers did you discover in your search?
Reflect on what you’ve learned in this course so far and about conservatorship. What are your opinions on the topic? What surprised you? What do you agree or disagree with?
Assignment Format RequirementsMicrosoft Word ONLY
12-point font
2-page minimum
Question/Answer format is acceptable and preferred
No MLA or APA formatting requirement
Assignment Format Requirements
2-3 pages
Microsoft Word format ONLY
12-point font
Assignment #2 RubricAssignment 2 RubricCriteria
Meets Standard(10 pts)
Approaching Standard
(9-7 pts)
Below Standard(5-0pts)
Assignment Content
Assignment includes all content requirements.
Assignment is missing one or two required parts.
Assignment is missing more than two required parts.
Thoughtful Responses to
Each Section
Responses demonstrate clear understanding of the questions/prompts. Responses are thoughtful, cohesive, descriptive, and complete.
Responses demonstrate partial understanding of the questions/prompts, and/or responses are incomplete.
Responses do not demonstrate understanding of the questions/prompts, and/or minimal effort is evident.
Writing flows and is easy to comprehend and grade. Uses appropriate grammar and punctuation to clearly express thoughts.
Writing includes some errors in grammar and/or punctuation, or is lacking in clear expression, but it is comprehensible enough that the reader can understand.
Writing has many errors in grammar and/or punctuation and is confusing or difficult to understand.
Disability Related Language
Assignment utilizes appropriate disability related language. Uses person-first language unless the student is a person with a disability (PWD) and indicates identity-first language preference). Assignment avoids the use of inspiration porn or outdated, inappropriate disability-related euphemisms or terms. Wording affirms dignity.
Assignment mostly utilizes appropriate disability related language. Mostly uses person-first language (unless identity-first language preferred by PWD). Assignment includes minimal inspiration porn or outdated, inappropriate disability-related euphemisms or terms. Wording may not always affirm dignity.
Assignment uses inappropriate disability-related terminology, including inspiration porn, euphemisms, and terms that affronts the dignity of people with disabilities.

assess the Mission Statements of two different facilities

Meeting the Mission Statement
The purpose of this assignment is to assess the Mission Statements of two different facilities. The two facilities are:
Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville, VA

Bon Secours Southside Medical Center in Petersburg, VA

Discuss the following:
Describe the population, within the area of the state, that is served by each facility to include the SES, ethnic and racial percentages, the any other demographics that describe the population. You can find this information a various state and federal websites.
Contrast and Compare the Mission Statements of each facility (NOTE: contrast is how the two sites are different and compare is how they are alike!)
Review the website and discuss at least two examples of information on that website that reflects the Mission Statement.
Please have to me by 9 am

PUBH 333-FD5 Environmental Health question

Students will complete any one (1) study question they choose for each chapter. So in other words, if there are 5 questions. choose one to complete.
1. Submit 2-3 paragraphs at least.
2. Answer the question posed precisely
3. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors
4. Use references where it is appropriate and list the full reference at the end using APA 7th edition format.
Study Questions (Choose one)
1. Describe the process of recycling nutrients in nature. Be sure to properly use the terms biogeochemical recycling, opportunistic scavenging, decomposers, and saprophytic organisms.
2. Compare the efficiencies of feeding at the various trophic levels and the implications this has for feeding different populations.
3. Describe why sources of phosphate are being depleted rapidly.
4. Describe what is meant by the process called secondary succession
5. Describe the two known major natural mechanisms for converting atmospheric nitrogen to useable forms.

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My Three Literature
The first literature I found is a study that demonstrated the effectiveness of the covid-19 vaccine among covid-positive cases in terms of re-infection in America. According to the article, those who are not vaccinated, but contracted covid-19 previously are 2.34 times at risk of becoming re-infected with covid, compared to those who contracted covid previously and but were vaccinated. The reason why I chose this article and the reason why it validates my problem, is because although the vaccine reduces the risk of hospitalization, death, longer duration of symptoms, and recovery rate, there are people who still contract covid with the vaccine and experience the same effects of those who were not vaccinated. Therefore, I narrowed down my research problem and focused more on the premise that with a sample of only positive cases, the re-infection rate might be higher in unvaccinated cases than vaccinated cases and this article could provide support to that premises (Cavanaugh, et al., 2021).
The second literature I found is a study on why men are more prone to contracting covid-19 compared to women. According to the study, they believe that the biological make-up of men is what contributes to them being more susceptible to covid than women. The reason why I selected this article is that contrary to the article, in Galveston County, which is the population that my capstone is focused on, women are more prone to covid than men according to data that was collected and also demonstrated on their dashboard (Griffith et al., 2020; Galveston County Health District, 2021)
The third literature I found is a study on the effectiveness of the vaccine based on the viral load and transmission rate among breakthrough cases on whether the cases are symptomatic or asymptomatic. I chose this literature, because, according to research, there is a premise that those who are vaccinated have a higher chance of being asymptomatic than symptomatic. However, based on the data in Galveston County, among the breakthrough cases, there is a higher rate of those who were symptomatic compared to asymptomatic (Levine-Tiefenbrun et al., 2021).
Cavanaugh, A., Spicer, K., Thoroughman, D., Glick, C.,

3 – phc 101 An easy task and needs a new solution

Q. Analyze the function of “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)”
as the best professional public health organization to protect the
health of the people, through health promotion; prevention of disease
and preparedness for new health threats.
Your response should be a minimum 400words (Excluding references).
Support your answer with examples
Font type should be Times New Roman
Heading should be Bold
Color should be Black
The paragraph must be justified.
Double line spacing.
Use proper references in APA style
No plagiarism, no match please
You must give 100/100 correct answers

site visit REL2011

For this essay, you will need to visit a religious site( PREFERRED IN MIAMI ) from a religious tradition that is not your own and write a report on it. This paper must have a thesis. Detailed assignment instructions and format are provided in the course. You will be revising this essay.