Motivation and Employee Performance

This is not the assignment. I have not read the paper portion of this because that’s not what was required. However, I did skim it and there are very few citations.

The number of citations you have here is 9. You needed a minimum of 15. That’s just over half of what was required. Also, there were some errors with the titles. See notes in paper.

notes in paper: each letter in title is capitalized, that’s not correct see APA 7th edition.
some were not peer-reviewed journal articles.

Final Milestone 2 and 3

I have two papers that need to be done. I did have someone complete milestone 1 which this has to be worked off of that milestone. I will include that in the attachments. I need now the outline which is milestone 2 than the final copy which is milestone 3 which again all work offs one another. I can pay for another paper, but I would like the same writer to work on this, so it flows. I am going to attach the directions and also attach the first milestone that can be worked off from that. thank you

Discussion #3- Name That Drug (Physiological Psychology)

Below are links to “Mini-Cases” depicting the action of some neuro-active or psychoactive chemical/substance. Depending your GROUP NUMBER (see the “Grades” page) SELECT ONE OF THEM and do the following:

For your INITIAL post (the “first substantive post” described in the Syllabus), write up a brief report that summarizes the following:

1. What drug or substance is likely at work here (there are often several possibilities)? How would you classify it or them?
2. How does this drug or substance operate (is it an agonist? An antagonist? Or something else?) Specifically, how does it/do they
affect the nervous system and/or neurotransmitters?

3. What, if any, potential counteragents could be used to stop this drug or substance’s actions or treat these symptoms? How do these counteragents work?
4. Does this drug or substance do harm in this situation? How, specifically (or, how does it NOT do harm, specifically)?
5. How do the actions of this drug or substance explain the behavior or change in behavior exhibited by this case?

Factorial Experiment

This assignment is based on the experiment you participated in last week. In this experiment, I manipulated two IVs: Controllability (Controllable vs. Uncontrollable) and Stability (Stable vs. Unstable). The DV was performance feedback.

Student A (Controllable, Unstable)

Student B (Uncontrollable, Stable)

Student C (Controllable, Stable)

Student D (Uncontrollable, Unstable)

Copy and paste this link to access the online survey:
This design was completely within-subjects (i.e., all participants were in all experimental conditions). Because the design was completely within-subjects, I counterbalanced the order of the questions. The order in which you provided feedback to Student A, B, C, and D was randomly determined for each participant.

For this assignment, I would like you to write a method section (including the participants, materials and procedure). In the participant subsection, make sure to identify the number of participants (N=20), how they were recruited, and any incentives they received for their participation. In the materials subsection, make sure to provide the conceptual and operational definitions of the IV(s) and DV, identify the different levels of the IV(s), and provide example items. In the procedure section, make sure you walk the reader through the entire experiment from beginning to end, include any instructions, how participants were assigned to conditions, etc.