respond to each excerpt


Listen to the entire composition and enjoy.

Listen to each of the excerpts taken from this composition. For each excerpt, write down what the music “means” to you. Does the excerpt remind you of something, make you feel a certain way, or even tell a story. There are no incorrect responses (YEA).

When you have responded to each excerpt, upload your written responses to Assignments.

Cross Culture Fusion Analysis and Cultural Appropriation

(MLA Format) Explore the appropriation of traditional music by Western musicians. Write a critical review of the song “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin (collaboration with musicians from Egypt) addressing the following:
-Briefly describe the musical and aesthetic concept behind the recording answering this question “What was the goal of the artists?”
-Discuss how traditional non-western music is incorporated into the sound of the music. Be sure to utilize musical terminology and scholarly sources to express your ideas.
-Does the Western artist show musical respect for the imported tradition(s) represented on the recording? If so, how? If not, why not?
-Offer a critical evaluation about ways in which the project succeeds of fails as music, and in developing cross-cultural relationships and understanding.

Compare Dolly Parton and whitney houston i will always love you

1st paragraph: introduction. Say something interesting about the song, why you chose it, basically anything to make the reader interested. Conclude this paragraph with some sort of thesis statement: are the two versions of your song similar? very different? similar in some ways but different in others? Does the song itself or one or both recordings reflect a historical or cultural idea? Basically, what is the main conclusion you reached while carefully listening to these two songs?

2nd paragraph: describe the original song by addressing at least a couple of its musical elements.

3rd paragraph: describe the cover song in a similar manner as above, but note the similarities and differences between it and the original. For instance, perhaps the original uses just an acoustic guitar and the cover uses a full rock ensemble with electric guitars, bass, and percussion.

4th paragraph: Return to your thesis statement from the beginning and elaborate on it. Also provide your own thoughts and opinions here: do you like one version better than the other, and if so, why? Did your opinion on either version of the song change while doing this assignment? Do you have any thoughts on why the cover version might be very similar/very different/slightly different from the original?

Be mindful when using adjectives such as “emotional,” “powerful,” “sad,” etc. You can use these words to describe the song, but then use musical terminology to describe WHY the song sounds that way to you. Does the tone color/timbre of the singer’s voice give the song emotional weight? Does a fast tempo give the song an anxious feeling,? etc.

Select two women to compare. There must be at least a 20-year gap between when each woman began her career in music.

1. Select two women to compare. There must be at least a 20-year gap between when each woman began her career in music.

Wanda Jackson and Taylor Swift = no problem. Even though Wanda just retired from music last year, she still started her career in the 1950s.
anyone who identifies as a woman counts; she does not have to be cisgender
your women can represent any popular music style related to rock and roll (country, blues, etc.)
you can choose women who performed with bands instead of/in addition to having a solo career (e.g. Diana Ross)
you can choose women who are performers as well as record producers, sound engineers, etc. But it’s best to choose two women who generally do the same thing.

2. Write a 2-3 page paper (double-spaced, 12pt font, 1″ margins) that compares the careers and experiences of these women.

1st paragraph: Introduce your women and provide a thesis statement at the end: were their careers/experiences different? similar? a mix of both? along with the 20-year time gap, are there other factors to consider such as their race, geographic location, musical style, etc.?

2nd and 3rd paragraphs: Compare and contrast the careers, experiences, and music of these two women. What you choose to focus on and how you organize your paper will depend on your selected women. A couple of scenarios:

one paragraph about Wanda’s career, music, etc. and one paragraph about Taylor’s career, music, etc.
one paragraph comparing/contrasting Wanda’s and Taylor’s musical style and lyrics and one paragraph comparing/contrasting Wanda’s and Taylor’s experiences in the music business, on concert tours, etc.
4th paragraph: Return to your thesis statement from the beginning and elaborate on it by providing your own thoughts and insight into

Citation/Research: You will most likely need to cite a few sources in this paper since you will be incorporating specific facts about your artists rather than just making observations about their music. Any direct quotes (from the artists themselves or quotes taken word-for-word from sources) should have an in-text citation. In MLA style, this would be the author’s name or source title in parenthesis that would lead the reader to a full citation in a works cited list at the end.

for this particular assignment, you do not need to consult scholarly/academic sources; newspaper articles and other web finds are fine, but you must cite them
if you need a refresher or introduction to MLA style, the Purdue Owl (Links to an external site.) is a great resource!

second concert review

This is where it all comes together!

Your last required paper for this course used to be a live concert report. In this pandemic time for this paper you must choose a virtual concert of classical music on your own that features at least 45 minutes of music. Reread the assignment instructions under “First Paper.”
NOTE FOR WRITTER: you’ll send me a link of the concert you are writting about when sending me the review so i submit them together

There are no restrictions except that the concert must feature classical music. This could take the form of a solo recital, classical choir concert, symphony, concerto, etc. Summer band concerts are not usually acceptable, nor are church choirs or “pops” events. Avoid high school groups. The “hunt” for your concert is part of the assignment. You may wish to patch together several YouTube performances to make up the 45 minutes.

– Please note that performances such as Cats, Phantom of the Opera, etc., are also not suitable.

DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OFF AND ATTACH YOUR CHECKLIST! Papers missing the checklist will lose three points.
THE REPORT – Read very carefully!

The live concert report should read much like an in-depth newspaper review, combining factual information with your own critical evaluation and including the following elements:

• name and composition of performing group, location and date of performance (intro paragraph)
• general type of concert: string quartet, vocal recital, symphony, choral concert, etc. Names of pieces and composers (intro paragraph)
• physical descriiption of performing group and performance venue
• general descriiption of compositions and musical style.
• more detailed personal descriiption of several pieces. Include musical information on style, rhythmic and melodic features, solos, etc. This is the most important part of the paper. Make sure this descriiption goes beyond the poetic! If you find a piece that reminds you of soldiers marching, butterflies, etc., that’s OK. But you need to tell me what it is in the music that makes you feel that way. Describe melody, tempo, dynamics, rhythms, texture, etc. Do not use a template approach. (In other words, don’t limit all of your descriiptions to the same one or two musical elements, such as tempo.) Remember that this assignment must consist of your personal descriiptions of what you heard.

• Many genres of classical music are multi-movement. In other words, they consist of more than one section and each is actually an individual piece. For example, a symphony typically consists of four different movements. Other multi-movement genres include concerto, string quartet, suite, cantata, chamber music, sonata, etc. For such genres, you must provide a separate descriiption for each movement.
• your overall reaction to and judgement of the concert
• audience response
Your concert report should be 3-4 typewritten pages in length, double-spaced. Top and side margins should be approximately 1” in size with the exception of the left side margin, which may be 1-1/2 “. Use a reasonable font size. Any final paper with substantial errors in grammar and/or spelling will not receive a grade higher than C . Make sure your paper is well organized with introductory and concluding paragraphs and a clear, logical order to the main body of the work.

Coordinate your knowledge gained in class with your comments on the concert. I don’t expect technical formal analyses of compositions, but show me that you understand general terms and genres as covered in class. For example, if you hear a concerto or symphony, describe it in a way that shows me your understanding of what a concerto or symphony is. Don’t confuse individual movements and separate works.

If you choose to include any information from a written program or other source, make certain it is as brief as possible and properly cited.

I will be happy to look over drafts that are completed at least a week before the due date. Drafts should be considered your best work and a possible final submission, and not merely notes.
Further assignment info
In this assignment I will be looking for:
– the presence of all required information listed above
– comments that consist of at least five to six complete sentences per composition or movement. Don’t write a list; write a paragraph with complete sentences.
– comments that vary to reflect the individuality of each piece or movement. In other words, don’t use a template approach: “The tempo was….the dynamics were….the instruments were…” etc., for each piece.
– don’t call anything a “song” unless someone is singing.
– This paper must reflect YOUR observations only. Even one sentence of descriiption taken from an outside source constitutes plagiarism and will earn you a grade of “zero.”
In your paper, names of works should be underlined or in italics except for art songs, opera selections, etc., which should be in quotes. Check with your book or with me if you have questions about format.
I will be happy to look over drafts that are completed at least a week before the due date. Drafts should be considered your best work and a possible final submission, and not merely notes.

Check local newspapers and websites for concert leads other than those on this website. You can, here in MA, go for the big leagues and head out to Tanglewood or Symphony Hall, but don’t forget to check listings for libraries, churches (that often feature special events – not the regular services), colleges, etc., along with the regular concert venues.

IMPORTANT – Each student must submit his/her live event to me prior to attending it, to avoid any last minute problems with inappropriate events. And then, post it on the Wiki. I’ve found that this helps to avoid situations where students attend the wrong event, write their paper on it, and then discover the paper is unacceptable at the last minute. Deadlines will be posted on Blackboard.
Sample (good) student musical descriiption
“In the first movement of the sonata you can clearly hear the predominance of the violin over the piano. There are many sudden dynamic switches between piano and forte, and the violin alternates between playing long held-out notes and shorter, more staccato notes, which gives the impression of rising excitement in the music. As the piece continues the violin and piano begin to echo each other’s flowing musical ideas, and their differing timbres are very striking. Next, the excitement continued to build as the piano began sharply accenting its tones, and there was a clear accelerando in the tempo accompanied by successive crescendos and decrescendos in the dynamics. The movement finished with a suddenly loud passage, followed by a quick very soft ending.”
Things to avoid…
Make sure that your comments (and those on the final live concert report) are not overly general, feature inappropriate use of terminology, or state that something is in a certain style without describing why. The comments below have been extracted from previous years’ assignments, and are examples of the types of overly general or nonsensical remarks to avoid. Hope this helps!
Throughout, the music was monophonic, homophonic, and polyphonic.
The melody and harmony are there, and are distinct and interesting.
This is a female piano piece.
Many dynamics were used, and I like this.
The music was clearly well formed.
The composition clearly contained texture.
The melody of this song is metronome because of how the tempo is.
The melody is in harmony.
The music contains duple and triple harmony.
The ending is unmistakable.
The composer really knows how to use instruments.
I liked the disjunct harmony.
This piece was in retardando style.
The piece had many movements, but they were all the same and very boring.
The piece had a lot of high and low notes, and really impressed me.
The ending made the melody and harmony.
The song was made up of notes, which made it interesting.
The harmony in this piece is tonal.
This piece sounds Italian. (Why?)
This piece sounds French. ”
The symphony had both loud and soft spots.


your Chorus paper here-1 page (double-spaced) on what you learned during the course of the semester and how you did this semester in Chorus (a bit of self-evaluation), and a 1 page (double-spaced) evaluation of our concert.
Could you rewrite my paper and add second paper for evaluation of our concert?
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