Sales Career Exploration Project

You will distinguish between the types of sales jobs in B2C and B2B, explore the most common selling activities which salespeople perform within each type, and recognize differences by industry. You will also explore job requirements, salaries, benefits and advancement opportunities within the field of sales. This project will:
Introduce you to the professional and business world in various industries
Increase your knowledge of sales career options
Improve your ability to make better career decisions
Start connecting in LinkedIn with companies you are interested in exploring further.
Encourage you to plan future courses based on future goals
Your exploration will consist of researching the sales profession at at least seven (7) of the companies that sponsor the Global Sales Program download- $10 points each – . You might submit up to 3 additional companies at $5 points each. These might count as Bonus points at the end of the semester.
A list will be provided to you on the first day of class. The research will consist of:
Visiting the company website and gathering information about the company’s customers, products/services and overall value propositions;
Connect with LinkedIn to at least one person working for each company.
If a Global Sales Lab Training Room sponsor, you might want to try visiting the room in the Sales Lab;
Identifying a sales position within the company and analyzing the job description, which includes job requirements, salary, benefits and overall responsibilities; and
Synthesizing your findings into the key lessons learned in the research.
You will use the Microsoft Word Part 1 Template to guide you in formulating your submission. Be sure to review the template before you begin your research, so you know what you are looking for in your exploration process. Check the Assignments section in Canvas for details.

week3 discussion

In a strategic planning committee meeting, the marketing director had presented an overview of the latest demographic projections of the region, which were somewhat disconcerting. “The region is showing a large outgrowth and decline among several important demographic groups,” the marketing director noted. “There is a 1.6% decline in the important demographic of 26- to 40-year-olds reflective of our declining economic opportunities for jobs, and there is a decline in the 60- to 75-year-olds, who are moving to retirement locations.”
The group agreed that this was a situation facing many similar communities in the upper Midwest, but the hospital had two competitors of good size in the region. Provide your recommendations as to strategies to consider at this stage of the life cycle for the organization and the market.
Source: Chapter 12 Problems (Essentials of Health Care Marketing – Berkowitz)

Strategic Market Management Case study

They also cannot offer just anything and everything as they may not have the capability to offer every single feature under the sun and each feature (including games) will impact their costs, pricing to consumers. Think as real world as possible as Sony PS3 is a real world example.)

Brand Equity

Discuss its brand equity in at least 2 of the following areas: brand awareness, brand loyalty, perceived quality, brand associations, or brand assets.

April Hutcheson

Respond to the following in a minimum of 125 words:Brand equity is defined as “a set of assets (and liabilities) linked to a brand’s name and symbol that adds to (or subtracts from) the value provided by a product or service to a firm or that firm’s customer.” (Marshall and Johnston, 2019) The product that I am familiar with is the Energizer batteries. This brand was founded in 1896. However, the brand Energizer was created in 2000. The brand awareness of the Energizer batteries is the longevity of their batteries and their iconic mascot, Energizer Bunny. The perceived quality of this brand is best known for their marketing strategy built around their mascot, the Energizer Bunny. In all of the commercials is repeatedly announced that this is the battery that keeps going and going. Customers tend to remain loyal to this brand because of how long they have been in business and how they have capitalized on the “green marketing”. One of their brands of batteries is made with 4% recycled batteries.
Marshall, G. and Johnston, M. (2019) Marketing management (3rd ed.) McGraw-Hill
Energizer Holdings (2021).…
Cody Walraven

Respond to the following in a minimum of 125 words:I feel I will go back to an earlier discussion as the conversation of when I recently purchased my wife a Subaru Acsent. Subaru is honestly what I think about when I think brand loyalty, other than cigarettes and beer which is a bit outside the college discussion. Jordan Almond writes in Motor Biscuit (2020), “J.D. Powers reviewed automotive brands last year and Subaru still held the top spot.” (para. 1). This top spot has been held by Subaru for three consecutive years now. This means a lot with auto manufactures pushing to be more customer facing and building this loyalty.
The brand screams quality as they advertise the vehicles being passed down from generation to generation and watching the families go from dating to children to long down the life with the same vehicle. Their awareness is wide spread as well as they focus highly on brand awareness with the campaigns like the “Share the Love” events and the overall all use of the phrase “Love” in their advertisements.
On a personal note, the team that sold us our vehicle was not like a typical dealership, they seemed to actually care which is surprising. We have also received calls after the purchase from the sales person, the service manager, the sales manager, the assistant manager, and the store manager personally thanking us, providing us with their direct line and mobile number, and telling use that no matter the issue with the vehicle to call. Not a normal dealership or brand for sure.

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Propose Research Project

Your goal is to determine
what effects different levels of online advertising (see
have on a consumer’s behavior. The VP of Brand Management will want strong
justification for your recommendations. Propose a research project to address
this problem that focuses on the kind of research design you would use; why you
would use it; and how you would conduct the research.

The paper must be two to three pages in length
and formatted according to APA style

e-Marketing Discussion Questions

Click here to access Google Analytics. 1. Based on your findings from the e-Activity, determine some of the most important information that e-Marketers can obtain from Google Analytics and explain why this information would be valuable in the context of e-Marketing.
2. Examine the importance of ranking high on organic search results, and describe at least two strategies for improving your visibility to search engines.
“Website Usability” Please respond to the following:1. Choose two e-Commerce Websites and evaluate their usability.
2. Formulate at least two suggestions for improving the design of each Website.

Power Point 5 slides

Organizational Change
Find a company that went through a big change within the last 12 months. The change may be a merger, buyout, downsizing, expansion, new marketing strategy, culture change within the company, change in CEO, or any other type of change. The company can be local or international.
Analyze the company and then in a narrated, PowerPoint® presentation, with voice-over, address the following:
Describe the company’s history and identify the change.
Select the type of change – adaptive, innovative – or radically innovative, and explain your rationale for your selection.
Describe if the change is reactive or proactive.Ex: Reactive type of change – BP’s reactive approach to the April 2010 explosion led to the loss of 11 lives and is the largest oil spill in US waters.
Ex: Proactive – Walt Disney investing $1 billion in wearable technology – wristbands that interact with scanners throughout the theme park, which it hopes will revolutionize the way visitors spend money at Walt Disney World.

Explain how the change has or will impact the company (positively, negatively, or both).
Conclusion – provide any recommendations or ideas that can help the company overcome the change.
Your presentation should be approximately five slides. Have approximately 4–6 bullets per slide, and be sure to include a reference slide to show your research and at minimum, you need to have two scholarly sources. Include graphics or animations to enhance your presentation.

Popular Culture

Any recollection may give you ideas: books, toys, music, television characters, motion picture themes, video images, clothing styles, magazines, hobbies, and more.  
What did these activities, experiences, and ideas teach you about your culture? About other cultures?