Marketing Plan Assignment: Vision

Now that you have selected your business, find 3-5 other businesses that are very similar to your primary product or service offering. For example, If you want a T-shirt business with your primary offering being designer T’s; then select other T-shirt companies that do what you want your company to do. (Note: the reference to primary offering). Once found conduct the following:
Prepare a 1-2 page, typed and double-spaced critique (analysis) of the mission and vision statements from three businesses that are similar to yours. Your critique should include the information below:
Company name
Vision and mission statement (Note: a company may only have one, which is okay just select another company to highlight the other statement. The goal is to have 3 vision statements and 3 mission statements total.
Link to the specific page of each company
Paragraph with your analysis of how well written the vision and mission statements are with sound marketing rationale
Write a vision and mission statement for your business.

I have chose Business plan service, Children’s party planner, and Jewelry making as my primary 3 businesses

“Hubble Contact Lenses: Data-Driven Direct-to-Consumer Marketing”

1. Evaluate Hubble’s current business model.
A. Identify their STP and KPIs.
B. What do you think is their best avenue for growth going forward?
C. Would you invest in this fundraising round? What are your biggest pros and cons?

2. How efficiently does Hubble acquire and retain customers?
A. What do they do well and what needs improvement?
B. Should Hubble continue to spend the bulk of its budget on reaching new customers or reallocate some of that spending to retarget those who have already been exposed to its ads?

3. Evaluate the Hubble’s use of online versus offline marketing channels.
A. What is the role of offline and online advertising in Hubble’s customer acquisition?
B. As of April 2018, Hubble was allocating 78% of its advertising spend to online channels and 22% to offline channels (i.e., TV, radio, podcast, direct mail). Is this appropriate? If not, how would you adjust it?

This write-up should be short (try not to exceed 2 pages single-spaced or 4 pages double-spaced).

Please include any calculations, figures, or spreadsheets as exhibits (material appended to the end of the write-up that does not count against your page limit).

Label your exhibits clearly (e.g., A, B, C, etc., with a descriiptive title) and reference the relevant exhibits in the text of your write-up where the analysis is relevant.

Glossier: Using Beaty to Talk Back to Customers Case

The objective of this assignment is to test your comprehension and absorption of key concepts from the Strategic Analysis section of the course, as developed upon in chapters 1- 4 of the text and in class lectures, discussions, and workshops.
Read the case attached and write a well-structured paper of no more than 750 words that presents your considered viewpoint on the questions posed at the end of the instructions.
• Your paper will be graded based upon (i) the quality of your analysis, and the reasoning behind, depth and clarity of your answers and (ii) the composition of your paper in terms of the structure, and quality of your writing.
• If you expect to get an ‘A’ grade on this paper, your paper needs to impress. You impress when you illustrate that you have ‘gone the extra mile’ in answering the questions asked.
• Include supporting references in footnotes and attach any supporting artifacts in an appendix to your paper. Appendix content does not count towards the 750-word limit.
Question: What, if anything, should major cosmetic competitors such as L’Oreal or Estee Lauder do in response to Glossier’s success? What actions can Glossier take to protect itself against these moves?

Marketing Research Paper

Please utilize and build on orders #361267265 and #361665597

Please see feedback for order #361267265 and update accordingly: “You provided a good Introduction for your Paper. Since your writing is based on research, it would have been ideal to include more scholarly sources to support your writing. Your Introduction should have ended with a transition into the Literature Review.”

Research topic paper is: Customer Satisfaction
The paper must be objectively written in the third person; papers that contain “I, we, our…” will not be evaluated
The paper must be based on existing research literature from peer-reviewed journal articles



*An introduction section (identifying the general topic to be addressed, accounting problem statement based on the general topic, brief background on topic, purpose of research, and research question(s)). Introduction section should approximate three (3) pages;

*A Literature Review (include Level 2 and Level 3 headings where appropriate)

*An Analysis of the research (provide findings of your research questions). The Analysis section should approximate three (3) pages

*A Conclusion (answer to your research questions, recommendations, and implications). The Conclusion section should approximate three (3) pages;

*References section

The Westside Coffee Company

The owners of The Westside Coffee Company have asked you to help them define their target audience a bit more clearly.

1. Create a 4- to 6-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you develop a consumer persona for each of the five segments using the Westside Coffee Company Customer Segments (attachment).

2. Create an annual marketing plan for The Westside Coffee Company using the marketing calendar template (attachment). Assign a budgeted amount to each marketing activity in the plan to calculate a total marketing budget. Reference Week 2 estimates to bring forward these costs as well (attachment).

3. Perform a breakeven analysis using the following assumptions.

Retail Coffee Shop Store:
Price of a cup of coffee: $6.00
Profit per cup: $4.00
Average daily customers: 750 customers

Grocery store:
Retail price for bagged product: $9.99 per bag
Profit per bag: $3.33
Monthly sales of bagged coffee: 250 bags

Calculate the total marketing budget range for both the coffeehouse and the bagged coffee separately. Adjust to ensure the marketing budget falls between 7% and 10% of profits.

Submit the PowerPoint presentation, marketing calendar, and budget analysis as 3 separate documents.

Additional Notes:

This assignment is the final to a five week project/assessment. I have attached the essays I have submitted the past three weeks by labeling them per week. Week 2 estimates are not there, because I did not do the assignment correctly. Matter of fact, I got an F.

Week 2 estimates were suppose to be about:
*Creating a $3,000 monthly advertising plan for The Westside Coffee Company. Use the media costs provided on the Local Media Costs tab in the spreadsheet provided and justify your recommendations with data.

*Allocate a budget to optimize a $500 per-week budget for Google Ad word marketing to get The Westside Coffee Company featured at the top of the search page in Google pay-per-click results. List the keywords you will bid on and the budget allocated to each. Provide a rationale for your selections.

*Estimate the 4-week reach/frequency and resulting gross rating points (GRPs) as part of your recommendation.

Therefore, please look at the spreadsheet and come up with these estimates to be able to annual marketing plan.

Research Proposal – Global Marketing


I am currently during my research paper for global marketing and need some assistance with selecting an area of focus and preparing the research outline.

The objective of this assignment is to complete the research outline based on your recommendation for a topic.

I am possibly looking at: Digital Media, Social Media, Customer Behavior –

so the outline can be around these topics

The outline research template – is what should be used to complete

Monochronic and Polychronic Time

Edward T. Hall was an American cross-cultural researcher who is known for describing high and low context cultural factors. He also defined two systems of time in the world: monochronic and polychronic time. Monochronic time is typified by German, Swiss, Scandinavian, and American/Canadian culture. These low-context Western cultures tend to concentrate on one thing at a time and stay on time. Polychronic time, present in high-context cultures like China, Japan, Mexico, and Middle Eastern countries, is characterized by looser time schedules and taking time to develop deeper relationships prior to conducting business.

Suppose you are an American manager working for a company in the Middle East. Would you (1) learn to adjust to polychronic time to avoid getting frustrated, or (2) attempt to change the culture of the company from within to get things done in a timely manner? Choose your preferred route to successful management and support your decision.

My choice is to adjust to the time of the culture. (option 1)