Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Prepare a short summary paper (approx 4000 to 5000 words) or a slide deck (~25-35 slides) in in your group on how a
specific AI application is constructed and applied within a business or societal context. As is typical for your other courses
in the program, your paper/slide deck will be evaluated on criteria including the following:
Application of Course Concepts. To what extent have you accurately applied course concepts (theories, frameworks,
ideas) from the readings and discussions?
Use of Data. To what extent have you used evidence and facts (and considered disconfirming evidence) to support
your arguments?
Quality of Analysis. A strong analysis starts with a hypothesis and then is followed with a coherent argument that
integrates theory and data to support it. Have you done this? To what extent have you considered alternative
explanations? To what extent have you gone beyond the obvious explanation, or “first take” at the problem to
analyze it at a deeper level?
Organization. To what extent is your work clearly written and professionally presented?

Above are the instructions .

I am posting the syllabus as well as the rough cut of our idea behind the app that we want to present as the use case of AI ML.

It’s a Lifestyle app in which if you log all the inventory at home, you can put in the kind of diet that you follow on the app (Veg, non veg, Keri, etc…) and your goals (healthy, weight loss, protein rich, no preference etc…) and the time you have on hand to cook.

It will take all this data and search the net for all the recipe and give you the ones that you can make within time learn how long does it actually take you to make a 10 mins recepie for an instance.

The outlines paper will give you more idea on where we are heading with this. An essay needs to be drafted in this and how AI ML can be utilized in our day to day life with this .


Having begun in the last module to consider the role technology plays in society, we’re looking further into how technology impacts you personally in this week’s discussion. This could be in your personal experiences or events you’ve observed around you. Because Milestone One is also due this week, let’s start to discuss issues and events that interest you. Based on the module resources and your own research, write an initial post that addresses the following:

Describe an event directly influenced by technology that either you or someone around you has experienced. What did you take away and how did it enhance your understanding of technology’s role?
Share a current technological issue that you have found interesting or that has personally impacted you. Post an article from a news source. How does technology help you better understand the issue?

Introducing a new technology

Create the fifth essay, combine and integrate with the other four parts (written assignments 2, 3, 4 and 5) as a cohesive final project that reflects the mentor’s feedback. The focus on the fifth part of this project is to write a 3-5 page (350 words per page) paper in APA format addressing three of the six topics below for the new technology or application selected in the previous written assignments. You should also include as part of this paper any acknowledgements and resources used (e.g., websites, textbooks, articles). Each written assignment should include four or more references.

Any potential ethical considerations
Short or long-term medical concerns, if applicable
Economic effects from the deployment of the new technology or application
Alternative perspectives from NGO (non-governmental agency) experts
Approaches to minimize the environmental impact (using green and renewable resources) of the new technology or application
Possible social media influence on the new technology or application deployment
Political implications, influences and barriers to gain or prevent acceptance of new technology or application

This final paper is a combination of the other papers written this semester and they all have to flow into one final paper. These are the specific instructions from the professor:

Hello Everyone,

It is important that you read this post in its entirety and ensure that you understand the requirement of the final project correctly. Some students submit a short 3-5 page paper for the final project which is not correct and will receive a very poor score. This seems to be the result of a misunderstanding, caused by just reading the following part, out of context:

“The focus on the fifth part of this project is to write a 3-5 page (350 words per page) paper in APA format …”

It has to be read with the previous part, which says:

“Create the fifth essay, combine and integrate with the other four parts (written assignments 2, 3, 4 and 5) as a cohesive final project that reflects …”

Please understand that the final project is one long paper formed by seamlessly integrating all the 5 parts. For the last submission you have to first write part 5 (Assignment 6), a 3-5 page long paper on the given topics. Then you have to merge it with the four earlier parts (Assignments 2, 3, 4 and 5). Please remember that last part goes at the end. You have to make any changes that I asked you to do, in the earlier parts, before you combine. Also, you need to do some editing, at the start and end of each part, to make the contents integrate seamlessly. You do not have to submit Assignment 6 (part 5) separately. It will be included in the final project, which is the one that needs to be submitted.

You need to write a new abstract to cover the entire material, and come up with a merged reference list.

If you have any question regarding this, please ask it in the Class Lounge, so that evryone gets to see it. If you have a specific question about your own submission, please ask in the Private Forum.

Faiz Ishaq

I attached all of the other papers as well as the rubric. Thank you very much!