Training Proposal using Augmented or Virtual reality

You are the training manager for a large manufacturing company that is planning a large renovation during a two-week shutdown. All of the equipment in the assembly area is being replaced, which will take the full two weeks.

As training manager, you are concerned about how you will train the workers in the assembly area as the new equipment will not be available until after the shutdown. By the end of the two-week renovation, the assembly employees must be trained and ready to begin work using the new equipment.

The manufacturer for the new equipment has suggested augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) might be a good training solution. The plant manager asks that you prepare a training plan to be shared with employees during the next plant meeting providing them the virtual reality retraining information. Be sure to support your recommendations with credible resources. Using the assigned readings in this module is a good starting point. Research databases are listed in the Resources area below.

You are tasked with preparing a training plan proposal that will be distributed to leadership in the form of a PDF.

The training plan proposal should introduce the AR/VR training including the format and scope. It should discuss the advantages and concerns related to using AR/VR for retraining needs.

In Microsoft Word, create the training plan proposal and then save as a PDF. The training plan proposal should accomplish these objectives:

Introduce the training by name, purpose, scope, and format.
Examine how using AR/VR technology enhances the human experience during training and development.
Evaluate any concerns over using this AR/VR technology for retraining.
Compare this AR/VR retraining to a standard retraining process.
On an APA formatted reference page, cite supporting credible sources for your recommendations.

Chapter 1

Answer questions from chapter 1 “Geocomputation with R” by Robin Lovelace

1. Think about the terms ‘GIS’, ‘GDS’, and ‘geocomputation’ described above. Which (9if any) best describes the work you would like to do using the geo* and software and why?

2. Provide three reasons for using a scriiptable language such as R for geocomputation instead of using an established GIS program such as QGIS.

3. Name two advantages and two disadvantages of using mature vs recent packages for geographic data analysis (for example sp vs sf).

4. After you read this chapter, you will find that R has a GIS bridge to other software. Name and discuss two other types of software that R will work well with.

vSphere Upgrade

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IT Infrastructure

There are 3 parts to the assessment.

Part 1: Executive Summary of IT Infrastructure.
Part 2: Identifying Current IT Standards and Protocols and Making Recommendations.
Part 3: Reflection

Complete and save each file separately.(I will separate the files) Include your name in the upper left corner of each file.(Separate references if used, for each Part please)

Part 1: Executive Summary of IT Infrastructure
Assessing the current state of the business before starting the full project is a necessity when it comes to working with infrastructure. International Plastics, Inc., a manufacturing company, hired you as a technology consultant to work with the company to review its resources and develop a plan for its infrastructure needs. Your first step is to become familiar with the company’s current documentation and provide a status update to the executives.

Review the ZIP file for International Plastics, Inc. documentation.

Write a 1 to 2-page executive summary of International Plastics’ business requirements for an upcoming discussion with the CEO. As a general guideline, executive summaries are typically 1 to 2 pages in length, at 12 pt. font, and single-spaced.

Include the following information:

• A high-level descriiption of International Plastics’ current IT Infrastructure, including network, information systems, applications, mobile computing, data management, business intelligence, and security
• An overview of International Plastics’ operational environment
• An explanation of how a new IT infrastructure will improve business performance
• A chart listing at least three examples of technology hardware upgrades and how they will improve business performance

Part 2: Identifying Current IT Standards and Protocols and Making Recommendations

Review the existing International Plastics network diagrams located in the International Plastics, Inc. documents ZIP file. Assess the current telecommunications protocols, standards, and collaboration tools used for International Plastics. Determine if improvements are needed, and if so, list your recommendation with how the improvement will affect the standard or protocol (you will use this to prepare the required chart).

Prepare a chart/table, using Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Excel®, to document at least 6 current standards or protocols used at each location. Use the following table headings:

Current Telecommunications Standard, Protocol, or Collaboration Tools
International Plastics Location
Recommendation for Improvement with anticipated effects of Improvement
Decide on a recommendation that will have the most beneficial impact to the company.

Write a 1-page explanation on how you made the decision to move forward with this recommendation. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this recommendation?

Complete your reflections by responding to all prompts.

IT Manager Role
A clothing manufacturer with 400 employees wants to start a large social media campaign. They want their customers to post videos showcasing their clothing and hope to have hundreds of hours of video submitted daily. An additional goal is to retain the right to use the videos in future online advertising campaigns.

Reflect on the following points:
Should the IT manager be involved in decisions related to this project?
What three IT-related questions need to be asked about this project?

Justify why your questions need to be asked by discussing this campaign’s potential impact on the company network.

Designing Networks for Different Companies

​​​​​​​One of the most important decisions a company can make in terms of its IT infrastructure is the design of its network.

What type of networking equipment and network model would you recommend for the following companies?

Reflect on your choices and justify.
A small one-office company that is using 20 computers and two printers in their suite
A company with multiple locations and a data center located in one of their facilities that all the other facilities connect to for company information

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Prepare a short summary paper (approx 4000 to 5000 words) or a slide deck (~25-35 slides) in in your group on how a
specific AI application is constructed and applied within a business or societal context. As is typical for your other courses
in the program, your paper/slide deck will be evaluated on criteria including the following:
Application of Course Concepts. To what extent have you accurately applied course concepts (theories, frameworks,
ideas) from the readings and discussions?
Use of Data. To what extent have you used evidence and facts (and considered disconfirming evidence) to support
your arguments?
Quality of Analysis. A strong analysis starts with a hypothesis and then is followed with a coherent argument that
integrates theory and data to support it. Have you done this? To what extent have you considered alternative
explanations? To what extent have you gone beyond the obvious explanation, or “first take” at the problem to
analyze it at a deeper level?
Organization. To what extent is your work clearly written and professionally presented?

Above are the instructions .

I am posting the syllabus as well as the rough cut of our idea behind the app that we want to present as the use case of AI ML.

It’s a Lifestyle app in which if you log all the inventory at home, you can put in the kind of diet that you follow on the app (Veg, non veg, Keri, etc…) and your goals (healthy, weight loss, protein rich, no preference etc…) and the time you have on hand to cook.

It will take all this data and search the net for all the recipe and give you the ones that you can make within time learn how long does it actually take you to make a 10 mins recepie for an instance.

The outlines paper will give you more idea on where we are heading with this. An essay needs to be drafted in this and how AI ML can be utilized in our day to day life with this .


Having begun in the last module to consider the role technology plays in society, we’re looking further into how technology impacts you personally in this week’s discussion. This could be in your personal experiences or events you’ve observed around you. Because Milestone One is also due this week, let’s start to discuss issues and events that interest you. Based on the module resources and your own research, write an initial post that addresses the following:

Describe an event directly influenced by technology that either you or someone around you has experienced. What did you take away and how did it enhance your understanding of technology’s role?
Share a current technological issue that you have found interesting or that has personally impacted you. Post an article from a news source. How does technology help you better understand the issue?