FIN 683 Investment Analysis

The client has asked to include asset-backed securities in the portfolio. Select two asset-backed securities for consideration by the client and present them in your discussion post.
In your post, describe the following:
Your proposed two chosen asset-backed securities for consideration. Include a chart like the one below, with the main characteristics of the two chosen securities.
Your methodology for choosing the two securities.
State the bond that you will remove from the client’s portfolio in exchange for the asset-backed security. Explain your reasons for choosing this bond to remove.
Your expectations of how these asset-backed securities will perform in a rising interest rate environment and why. Specifically relate this to the maturity effect, coupon effect, and/or duration of the chosen security

Convertible or non-convertible
Credit rating
Last price – sale
Last price – yield
Schwab Charles Corp
T-Mobile USA Inc –
Kraft Heinz Foods Co
Carnival Corp
Chobani LLC
CVS Health Corp
Nissan Motor Co., LTD

Asset Return, annual mean, std deviation etc

A retirement pension is to be funded by a portfolio of assets the return of which follows a
normal distribution with an annual mean and standard deviation of 6% and 12% respectively.
It is assumed that no sale of assets is required to pay for the pensions. How likely will next
year’s funding be met by asset’s return if the next year’s pension equals 4% of the assets?
What is the probability if the funding is met in terms of average asset return over 20 years?

P/E Multiple and Dividends

Firm A has systematic risk beta and ROE (return on equity) equal 0.8 and 7% respectively. The
risk-free rate is 3% and the market risk premium is 6%. If firm A’s next year EPS (earnings per
share) and DPS (dividend per share) are £0.5 and £0.2 respectively,
What is the firm’s expected
price-earnings multiple?
How much dividend should the firm declare if it is to enjoy a higher
expected PE (price-to-earnings) valuation?

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Q1. Identify the key financial decisions facing the financial manager of any business firm and Explain the meaning of each decision? (1 mark)
Q2. What can happen if a firm is poorly managed? (1 mark)
Q3. If the expected inflation rate is 10 percent and the real rate of interest is 4 percent:
Compute the nominal rate of interest. (Hint: use equation 2.1) (0.5 mark)
Briefly differentiate between the nominal and the real rates of interest. (0.5 mark)
Q4. Nimitz Rental Company provided the following information to its auditors. For the year ended March 31, 2011, the company had revenues of $878,412, general and administrative expenses of $352,666, depreciation expenses of $131,455, leasing expenses of $108,195, and interest expenses equal to $78,122.
If the company’s tax rate was 34 percent, what is its net income after taxes? (1 mark)
Q5. Modern Appliances Corporation has reported its financial results for the year ended December 31, 2011.
Cash and cash equivalents $ 514,412,159
Short-term borrowing $ 117,109,865
Accounts receivable 1,046,612,233
Trade accounts payable 466,937,985
Inventories 981,870,990
Other current liabilities 994,289,383
Other current assets 313,621,610
Total current assets $2,856,516,992
Total current liabilities $1,578,337,233
Net fixed assets 754,660,275
Long-term debt 1,200,691,565
Total liabilities $2,779,028,798
Goodwill 118,407,710
Common stock 397,407,352
Other assets 665,058,761
Retained earnings 1,218,207,588
Total equity 1,615,614,940
Total assets $4,394,643,738
Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity $4,394,643,738
Using the information from the financial statements, complete a comprehensive ratio analysis for Modern Appliances Corporation.
a. Calculate these liquidity ratios: current and quick ratios. (0.2 mark)
b. Calculate these efficiency ratios: inventory turnover, total asset turnover. (0.2 mark)
d. Calculate these leverage ratios: total debt ratio, debt-to-equity ratio, Equity multiplier. (0.2 mark)
e. Calculate these profitability ratios: gross profit margin, net profit margin, ROA, ROE. (0.2 mark)
f. Use the DuPont identity, and after calculating the component ratios, compute the ROE for this firm. (0.2 mark)

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chapter 9 and 10 we learn about NPV, payback period, IRR etc. I have attached the document that include the concepts of each chapter
Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Review Chapter 9 and read Chapter 10 of Fundamentals of Corporate Finance.
Research a current article from a reputable scholarly source on the subject of capital budgeting:Use this link to access a search prepared for you by Off Campus Library Services.
Once you have logged into the OCLS database, you will be presented with search-filtered results for peer-reviewed, current articles on the appropriate topic.
Review the articles shown there carefully. Read several article summaries, and then select an article that you feel is the most relevant and of most interest to you.
Before beginning your article analysis, verify that your article has not already been chosen. If it has not been chosen, make an initial posting indicating the title of the article and your name to reserve the article while you work on it.

Respond to the following by editing the discussion posting you made when you identified the article you selected:For questions on APA style, go to the APA Style Guide.
Briefly summarize your findings and how the article information relates to the concepts you have learned in the textbook.
Discuss how the information you discovered could be applied to your company or to a company with which you are familiar to improve its capital budgeting process.
Provide an appropriate reference and citation for both the article and the related concepts you use from your textbook.
Your initial post should be 200 to 400 words in length and include at least two sources that are properly cited.
The initial post is due by the end of the workshop.

FIN101 Discussion

Discussion 2: (3 points)
The CEO of “The Family Office” is talking about the role of wealth management in risk planning he first distinguished between speculation and investing and briefly explained that our investing strategies must be written in order to follow a certain plan to accomplish the goal of our investments. But the CEO mentioned that he will not recommend for investors to borrow funds from banks and use them in investing, he called this as “The biggest mistake”.
As an investor do you agree with the CEO? Why?
Suppose you are interested in high rate of returns but you know with high returns there is high risks. So, what will be your investment strategy? how can you minimize your risk?
Requirements: clear and complete | .doc file

Small discussion

But the CEO mentioned that he will not recommend for investors to borrow funds from banks and use them in investing, he called this as “The biggest mistake”.
– As an investor do you agree with the CEO? Why?- Suppose you are interested in high rate of returns but you know with high returns there is high risks. So, what will be your investment strategy? how can you minimize your risk?

Finance Discussion Questions

Marketers gain an understanding of the problems and opportunities facing an organization through a SWOT analysis—an analysis that integrates information from many sources to identify an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Information for marketing decision-making comes from two basic sources: the organization’s marketing information system and marketing research. Both sources utilize data that are collected from either secondary or primary sources. The video focuses on primary data collection and uses examples from several research companies to show both qualitative and quantitative primary data collection methods
Watch the video Collecting Quality Information for Marketing Decisions. Then post an initial reply responding to the following questions:
What are the major points of comparison between observation and questioning as data collection strategies?
What does qualitative research allow that quantitative does not?
Discuss the concept of a marketing information system and why it is important for marketing managers to be involved in planning the system

Investment Track Report 4

The requirements are given the word document. The datas are given in the excel sheet for each of the weeks.
Please complete the Investment Tracking Report for Week 4. If you see excel document in there is Week 1, Week 2 and All Week. actually the week is like for assignment
week 1 is for assignment 1
week 2 for 2
Week 3 is for week 3 and so on
Week 4 is for Week 4
so they are not date wise weekly . no need to change date as each week is different
you need to do report for week 3. Also Please use a total of $1million for the total value of your portfolio ( Cost Basis) for your investment tracking spreadsheet.
Thank you.