What is the stock price reaction of high and low growth companies to the announcement of an Accountant-type CFO vs. a non-Accountant type CFO?

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-Please follow up the marked comments in the document first.
-Thesis includes introduction, literature review/hypothesis, research method which only need to be revised based on the comments.
-Please add the results, discussion and conclusion section based on quantative research (preferably in SPSS). I suggest you can use regression analysis. The variables are included. You can use WRDS to collect the data.

How Options, Futures Markets, and Securities Can Be Used in Your Investment Program

Explain the nature of an option security and the uses of futures markets securities to shape investment portfolios.

Explain how individuals and businesses can use options and futures markets instruments to create speculating opportunities and reduce their investment risk exposure.

Outline and explain a put and call purchase strategy that will allow you to use $10,000 to control 100 shares of the common stock in your portfolio.

Describe some of the essential similarities and differences between options and futures.

Note: Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. The introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of the paper.

M2 Finance Journal Introducing your Business

Using Mergent Online (link provided) and the choice of business from the options list, (attached) the most recent quarterly financial statements for the company: the balance sheet, the income statement, and the cash flow statement, and Write a brief 3-4 paragraph word document, 12-pt Times New Roman font, double spacing, one-inch margins, with any sources cited according to APA style. Also include the Excel files for your chosen business’s balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement from Mergent Online.