Genius Paragraph – First Draft

For this assignment, make sure you follow the instructions according the the Final Writing Task video in this week’s module.

Here is where you will upload your document. Make sure you have your brainstorming at the top and then a complete paragraph directly under that on the same page. It is important that you re-read your paragraph several times to check for your own grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Final Writing Task video:

wheaty poem

You are required to write and hand in three two- or three-page inquiry papers on any of the texts
we study this semester. These papers are important because they are your opportunity to explore
your own ideas about the texts while contributing to our collective understanding of the
literature. An inquiry paper explores one or two questions, observations, or problems that emerge
as you read the novel. It is not a summary, nor is it a journal; rather, it is a focused response
paper. Unless I say otherwise, each paper will be due via Blackboard in the week or weeks that
we are studying the text you are writing about, not after we have moved on to the next text.

Week 3 (CH. 3

Here is where you will attach your Word Document or PDF of your summary and opinion paragraphs for chapters three and four of the novel, The Giver.

Remember that there should only be two paragraphs that you wrote on one page. These are a summary of the these two chapters of the novel, as well as your reaction to the story that you have read so far.

Here is the novel online reading resource: