Summarizing chapter English

Answer the following questions about chapter 4 using a minimum of 3 sentences each.
Part 1>
What three things affect how you use your command systems and why?
What are three reasons you should evaluate and understand your command systems?
Explain why understanding command systems can help with making and receiving bids. Give an example from the book of a failed cross command system bid and a successful one – explain how the successful interaction was achieved.
Part 2] Summary Practice: What are the 8 biggest ideas in chapter 4?
Write 8 sentences in your own words to capture those ideas. No quotations.
Part 2] Now, I want you to look at those 8 ideas and combine them into 4 sentences, where you still capture the most important information. You might want to use sentence combining to make compound and complex sentences 🙂
Part 3] Look at one of your group mate’s work. Write 5 sentences to help them improve. Do you agree s/he answered the questions well? Did s/he capture the big ideas in the first 8 sentences? Did s/he miss anything? How did they do in putting those ideas together to make 4 sentences? Do you have any questions for him/her? Did s/he do anything really well.


1.Follow the directions below to create sentences, and then you will put it all together to make body paragraph 2 🙂
2. After you post, please review another student’s work with a minimum of 5 sentences, telling them what they did well, what things they could change to improve, and ask any questions you have.
Part 1A: Transition topic sentence that introduces an argument Gottman makes, a counter argument [why people might disagree], and a rebuttal [how would Gottman respond to what others say]
Part 1B: The argument
Transition Main Point 1 Gottman argues that …
Context Quote from text illustrating argument.
Explanation of how the quote supports the argument.
Part 1C: Counterargument
Transition Main Point 2 where some people might disagree with Gottman because …
Context Quote from text illustrating counterargument
Explanation of how the quote supports the counterargument
Part 1D: Rebuttal
Transition Main Point 3 Gottman would say those people are wrong because …
Context Quote from text illustrating rebuttal
Explanation of how the quote supports rebuttal
Part 1E: Put all the above sentence together to create body paragraph 2 below:
B-Rough Draft Body 3 Three Big Ideas
Part 1: Answer the questions below to create body paragraph #3
Part 2: Once you have posted your answer, respond to a group mate with a minimum of 5 sentences to help them improve their paragraph.
Part 1: Use Discussion 9B and choose one big idea from chapter 4, 5, 6 to create your paragraph following the below outline. You will notice we are using perfect paragraph structure like we did for Essay 1 🙂
1. Use a transition and create a topic sentence to include the idea that 3 important concepts that help relationships found in Gottman’s text from chapters 4,5,6 are __________, ____________, _____________.
2. Transition main point 1 sentence that explains an important concept in chapter 4 Context quote that illustrates the concept. Explanation of why this concept could help someone’s relationship.
3. Transition main point 2 sentence that explains an important concept in chapter 5 Context quote that illustrates the concept. Explanation of why this concept could help someone’s relationship.
4. Transition main point 3 sentence that explains tan important concept in chapter 6 Context quote that illustrates the concept Explanation of why this concept could help someone’s relationship.

Write a paragraph with a specific grammar structures

Topic: If I were to visit your hometown, what would I enjoy most about it?
Make sure that all of your ideas connect well to each other, are logical, and don’t contain grammar errors that affect comprehension (in other words, write a good paragraph in the box below). Please underline and identify (with the corresponding number) the structures you use. (5 points each)
1. any noun clause
2. any adverb clause
3. any reduced adverb clause
4. a present/future unreal conditional
5. a past unreal conditional
6. any adjective clause
7. any reduced adjective clause
8. parallelism
9. a “normal” passive
10. a stative passive
11. a causative passive
12. a passive verb with a modal
13. a passive used to express a belief or opinion


3 PIECES OF EVIDENCE – OF 4 TOTAL from DATABASEYou should be researching! TURN IN two sources (in addition to the pro-con source I provided you with in previous assignment) you have found in HCC library database.
you should be researching in the library database…
(If you get all your information from this ONE place, that is considered a secondary source, because they have already take the information and analyzed it for you)
the other one can be from an outside approved source.
7 sources in total for this essay

8th Week Check-In

I would like to know anything you want me to know about your experience with this English 200 class.
In a Word document of at least 250 words which is formatted completely with MLA, tell me how things are going for you! What do you like about the course so far, what would you change, am I present enough in the course, do you like the readings, etc.
Give this some serious thought before writing; create a thesis and then support it.
The tone can be conversational (pay attention to grammar and punctuation), but I would like for you to practice full MLA formatting (Upper header, left header, title, etc.). You can go over 250 words, but not under. Type your word count at the end of your document.
Be specific; just telling me “it’s going ok” or “I don’t like it” doesn’t give me enough information!
Remember to avoid Microsoft Edge because it will make your paper blank.

400 words only…
Please write a minimum of 400 (2 paragraphs) words, in total, for your responses to the below questions and submit to the dropbox.
Essay questions:
1) Can stress ever be a good thing? Explain.
2) What common symptoms of stress are experienced from any stressors whether mental, physical, or emotional? Explain.
Remember if you do not submit a paper you will not receive credit for the class that week and loose points. If your paper is only half done and you’re running out of time, SUBMIT IT, you’ll get partial credit.

ENGL106 Unit 8 – Individual Project

Assignment Details
Using Analysis and Evidence to Write a Review
This week, you will focus on a different type of writing: a short review. This will allow you to review the feedback you receive from your instructor on your Unit 6 Submission, so you can use it to revise the Unit 6 Submission in preparation of submitting the finalized version for Unit 10.
This type of writing shows that you can closely observe and form an opinion in writing based on your experiences and observations.
Think about your favorite book or movie, or an episode of your favorite TV show. What makes this book, movie, or show so good? Imagine you have been asked to write a review of this book, movie, or TV show episode for an online publication. The publication’s editor has asked you to summarize a brief scene from the book, movie, or TV show and explain how this scene illustrates what makes it work so well.
Download this worksheet to help you complete this assignment.
NOTE: Do not submit the worksheet; it is for guidance purposes only.
Then, complete the following:
Select a scene from the book, movie, or TV show.
Write a 3-paragraph review of the scene you selected.In paragraph 1, provide a summary of the scene.
In paragraph 2, use analysis to closely examine the scene and explore how and why it is so compelling.Make a claim about what makes this scene great (e.g., Is it the descriptive language? The skillful acting? The realistic dialogue? The exquisite set design? Or something else?).

In paragraph 3, include a response section in which you defend your love of the book, show, or movie, explaining how the element you selected to analyze illustrates the appeal of the work for you.

Make sure your submission does the following:
Incorporates a quotation or paraphrase in the summary.NOTE: Quote must be at least 1 solid sentence. Short quotes, such as “I believe!” or “That’s great!” or “I love you!” or “That is certainly a possibility!” will count for little or no credit.

Cites the quote or paraphrase in accurate APA style
Includes a properly formatted APA-style References page
Reflects an understanding of the use of summary and analysis
Has a clear paragraph structure
Be sure to contact your instructor or use Smarthinking if you need help at any point in the writing process.
NOTE: For assistance with this assignment, please refer to the assigned readings listed under Unit 8 Learning Activities, as well as your intellipath® lessons.
Assignment CriteriaProficient DescriptorPointsSource

Your musical theme

The playlist should have some unifying idea or ideas, but will also demonstrate some range. The unifying idea could be something conceptual – like a lyrical/title/subject theme, or it could be sonic or musical in nature, or it could be a mix of both. For instance, suppose you chose the theme of bells. This playlist could show its range by including AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells” (rock), LL Cool J’s “Rock the Bells” (rap), the traditional Christmas song, “Jingle Bells,” and the folk-blues song “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean,” in which Blind Lemon Jefferson sings the line, “have you ever heard a church bell toll?” and then makes his guitar sound like a chiming bell.
Once you have put together your playlist, be sure and post links to all of your musical examples on your blog. Along with the links, post an introduction describing what your theme is, why you chose it, and what relevance it has to you. Finally, write a short description of each piece of music you’ve included. Each piece’s description should explain the way it ties to the theme, but you should also explain each piece musically, deploying some of the chapter’s technical vocabulary to do so. Describe its melody, tempo, its degree of consonance and/or dissonance. What is the piece’s structure? Be sure and relate these ideas to the issue of affective content: what emotion does each piece invoke? How does it communicate this emotion? How does a piece’s style contribute to its message and emotional content.
There is an important limitation on this assignment. Since this exercise should entail a certain amount of light research, “love” is not an acceptable theme, on account of its too-common use in all genres. Have fun, and stretch out with this assignment. With the help of Google and Youtube you should be able to produce an interesting collection of pieces.

Low Income Community lack accessing to health care services

It is required that the student will pick a social issue of interest. By now, you’ve outlined the community population, specified a social problem, and now you are to create the solution. Use your imagination! You are a practicing social worker at a community organization and your supervisor has given you the task to develop a program that attempts to solve the identified social problem. Think outside of the box.
The purpose of the paper is to design a program to address a social issue in your chosen community that illustrates the establishment of social capital, tapping the financial assets, and the strengths of the community. For program strategy development, utilize case examples of specific social problems to plan interventions that utilize the skills presented in the class, text, and community engagement activities. Take this as an opportunity to critique an already existent formal program plan by utilizing the skills and knowledge attained in the class. Or develop your program solely yourself with your imagination, research skills, and peer-reviewed evidence to support its future success. Discuss social capital within the identified community and how that may or may not help with program development. Find the connector and list stakeholders, who may or may not benefit from this new program. Be sure to include members of the community to hear their strengths, involvements, and specific needs (cite). Outline your financial approach specifically with actual budget amounts needed to make the program come to life (e.g. out budget lines, list budget specifically, discuss ideas for financing programs through grant writing, fundraising, institutional connections, start-ups, donations, or through civic budget proposals). Be sure to cite all relevant strategies discussed in research articles as support as to why your program proposal will be effective, if applicable (e.g. systems theory, person-in-environment, strengths-based perspective, logic models, etc). Use the listed hyperlinks as guides and frameworks for assistance. This is your professional social work assessment and proposal for program development and implementation.
Strategy Intervention Paper Framework:
In this assignment, you will demonstrate abilities to assess communities, identify social problems, explore social capital, and design programs that will be implemented by organizations for successful interventions. In order to convey your program development proposal it is recommended that you assess the identified community needs and, if desired, conduct a SWOT (Links to an external site.) analysis for community strengths and project for program success. Be sure to cite all relevant strategies discussed in research articles as support as to why your program proposal will be effective, if applicable (e.g. systems theory, person-in-environment, strengths-based perspective, logic models, etc).
The goal of the paper:
-provide an overview of the community assessment; cite all relevant strategies discussed (e.g. systems theory, person-in-environment, strengths-based perspective, logic models, etc)
-clearly state the social problem you will focus on and the goal
-develop a program as the solution with a mission statement; or critique an existing program with suggestions for improvement; or remodel an existing program; cite all relevant strategies discussed in research articles as support as to why your program proposal will be effective (e.g. systems theory, person-in-environment, strengths-based perspective, logic models, etc)
-describe the objectives to reach goal
Approaches to mobilize (involve) the community members (cite with peer reviewed articles that support)

Explore social capital, networks, connections within the community to involve its members; how will you collect information and mobilize the community?

Demonstrate ideas for obtaining funds, including if funding is redacted (e.g. grant writing, fundraising, civic engagement budgets, etc)
Utilize evidence-based practices and research-based evidence in the design of social service interventions with citations
Explore systems theory and identify the potential hazards to avoid in planning programs, including competency traps, groupthink, planning without involving key stakeholders, and others. A.k.a “what I do not know.”
Project if the program intervention will be successful at the given time period for an organization, if applicable, or does more research need to be completed prior to program implementation?
For reference: Assessment Resources for needs; (Links to an external site.)
For reference: Guide for Creating a Strategy for Community (Links to an external site.)
For reference: Guide for Program Development Foundation (Links to an external site.)
Format: The paper is required to be 7 pages in length using APA format (Links to an external site.), 12-point Times New Roman font, appropriately spacing, and 1-inch margins and reference page, and include citations and peer reviewed articles. You are allowed to include charts, images, and graphs with proper APA cites, if needed. You will be graded on grammar and APA formatting, see rubric. Incorporate all relevant strategies discussed in class, text, and research articles (e.g. systems theory, person-in-environment, strengths-based perspective, logic models, etc.).
RubricStrategy Paper Rubric
Strategy Paper Rubric
CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDescription of issuePick an issue that effects a specific community in San Diego or a community you are familiar with. Examples include safety, foster care, drug prevention, homelessness, teen pregnancy, etc. Explain the issue, why it’s a community problem, and give evidence in detail (with data/statistics).
3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAssessment of design of interventionDesign a macro intervention program that addresses the issue while building social capital and tapping the assets and strengths of the community
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIncorporation of strategiesIncorporate all relevant strategies and concepts learned from class and readings (at least 5). Need to define each concept, cite, and apply to examples.
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLogisticsPaper should be 5-7 pages in length using APA format, 12-point Times New Roman font, appropriately spacing, and 1-inch margins. Includes reference page
4 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGrammerPaper is free of errors.
3 pts

Read Chapter 11 to 20 and Explain Answers . No Google Please. Book PDF is attached

Explain “a game within a game within a game”. How does it apply in this part of the book?2.Explain the pun “High Five” in the book.3.Can OASIS be considered a utopia? Consider the educational games designed by Kira and Ogden Morrow, etc.4.What hint did Parzival give to Aech? Why did he do it? Would you do the
same? Why or why not? Remember their desire to play solo!5.What is the meaning of the names of players number 4 and 5 who cleared the first gate?6.Would you have accepted IOI’s offer if you were Wade? Why or why not?7.When Sorrento threatened Wade with a bomb, why didn’t Wade give in to
protect other people living in the stacks? What would you have done?8.What kind of world does Wade see on the bus ride? 9.What fake identity did Wade create for himself? How did he do it? Can it be done in the modern world?10.Wade fell in love in VR even though Artemis warned him she is an “obese
30-year-old named Chuck living in his mother’s basement.” What do you
think about this? 11.Wade’s friendship with Aech cooled off when Wade got a girlfriend. Quote from the book. Is it a good literary
representation of what can happen to real people?12.Do you think Artemis likes Wade the same way he likes her? What makes you think so?13.Why was John Draper nicknamed Cap’n Crunch? Did you know that bit of history of technology? What do you think about it?14.Is the song Time After Time appropriate in chapter 18? Why or why not? the meaning of the lyric “No one in the world ever gets what they want
and that is beautiful” in the context of the story.16.Why did Artemis break up with Parzival? What do you think about that?17.In ch.19, Wade developed and transformed his daily rituals. What were his
motivations? What technology did he use? Would you like such
technology to be available to you? Why or why not? Does anything
similar exist now? List your daily goals and rituals. Which rituals help
you achieve your goals? Which rituals make it difficult for you to
achieve your goals? Experiment for extra credit: Develop new rituals and
journal about their effects in your life for at least 5 weeks.18.What do you think of Wade’s OASIS immersion rig?19.Parzival chose to give the Beta Capsule to Daito and Shoto. Why? What does it
tell us about Wade? What was their reaction? What would you have done?20.What is Wade’s job? How did he get it?