The writer can pick the topic on subsea engineering or we can both decide on one when we chat. ( subsea production system and field Development)

I have prepared the course in Canvas, you should follow the due dates. They are grading items.
You need to work on a project of either your choice or assigned by me with mutual agreement
The weekly reports are assignment to be submitted in Canvas- You have to submit your topic of the project and scope of work for each week as a syllabus. I’m forwarding a syllabus of ITDE 685 which I follow for this course as well-except that there is no need of approval from the department. You make a similar document and send me back for my approval.
Note the grading points: weekly meeting (25%), weekly report submission (25%), project report presentation (25%), project final report (25%)
Prepare a document in word similar to as enclosed document here:
Course information: SSEN 684-Professional Internship, Spring 2022
Instructor information: the same as in the document
Study Topic: your topic
Course objective
Expected outcomes/deliverables
Weekly schedule in detail
Credit hour justification with activities and number of hours per week as proposed in the enclosed document (120hrs)
The grading system: same as in the enclosed document
Send me your completed document ASAP. You follow the due dates in canvas. I’ll update modules in canvas depending on your activities.

Construction ( Sustainability ) and Robotics ( Drones) System Implementation

– ** You are to Complete Task 1 . If done well, i will hire you to complete something similar to Task 1. It is sort of like a build up . I make this known on “A1 Mini Design Project”

– Task is to complete 30% of the assignment . Note that the whole assignment is out of 100. So do your best to complete around the 30% mark. I suggest you do the First 4 questions.

– The Product System is : Construction (Sustainable Buildings)
– The Emerging Technology is : Robots ( Drones – Basically that will aid or help with the main product system. You can choose Drones as an example , but are free to choose other similar robotics ( BUT NOT 3D PRINITNG PREFABS- this is taking from the other group member ))

– This requires to Do research and
– I have attached an “example of Report” This is not to be used word for word. and lacks depth but of that reference.

. Analyse and design discrete systems, mathematically express them using a number of suitable approaches, critically analyse their frequency response and transfer function properties and use z-transform techniques to investigate stability. ii. Make critical judgement about the operational parameters and potential of adaptive discrete systems for solving engineering problems iii. Make critical judgement about the operational parameters and potential applications of adaptive discrete systems for solving engineering problems. iv. Design and apply digital filter by critically considering the characteristics of the desired signal and the noise

The report should have the following format and structure and features.
Presentation: Ensure your report is scientifically presented (figures, grammar, English format
etc. Ensure you have properly and adequately referenced your work. Use the SHU suggested
style of referencing throughout.
Aims and Objectives: A brief (few lines) indicating of what was the purpose of the study. What
were investigated?.
Introduction: This outlines the background to the investigation. The introduction needs to
cover a brief theory of the related topics used in the study. You would have to do a literature
search to obtain more information when writing this part. Use the university recommended
referencing APA style. Ensure your report is properly and adequately referenced.
Methodology: This is partially contained within your assignment sheet. You may refer directly
to the part in the assignment sheet. However you need to augment these and describe the
tasks you did in a more detail. You may wish to elaborate of some of the tasks you performed
to obtain you results.
Results: This may include tables of readings, waveforms, graphs, figures and observations etc.
These need to be clearly and carefully presented. Always plot your results as it is easier to look
at a diagram than a list of numbers. Make sure your graphs are scientifically labelled (do not
forget labels for axes).
Critical discussion of results: You need to explain your findings and observations critically. Do
they conform to theory?. If there are discrepancies, determine by how much and explain the
cause. To explain some of your findings you may have to do further readings.
Conclusions: You need to summarise your findings in a reflective manner and explain what you
understood by doing the work.
References: Ensure your report is correctly and adequately referenced using the University
suggested style.
Appendices: Results and analysis that do not fit well in the main body of the report can go in
the appendices. Appendices could include your Matlab© code

jet engines Nozzle guide vanes (high pressure turbines

a. Review the surface considerations relevant to Nozzle guide vane (e.g. corrosion, wear, erosion) and indicate how such issues can addressed by surface treatment appropriate for the Nickel based superalloy.
b. Justify and review the current manufacturing route of your selected component.
c. Relate how your selected manufacturing route imparts microstructural changes to the material and indicate how this may affect material properties.

add relevance referencing and citation