Freakonomics Assignment

Freakonomics Assignment

Purpose: the purpose of this assignment is to develop your critical thinking skills in regard to economics and your communication skills.

Skills: You will critically analyze and evaluate issues, components, and implications of real-life economic problems and opportunities by applying economic concepts, principles, and theory.

Knowledge: This assignment will also help you to become familiar with the following important content knowledge in this discipline:
• Positive and Negative Incentives
• Asymmetric Information
• Opportunity Cost
• Demand and Supply Analysis

Please read the Introduction and Chapters One through Five of the Freakonomics book and answer the questions below. When answering the questions, be sure to be as detailed as possible. You are NOT being evaluated on what you can rephrase from the book, but your own analysis using ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES that we have learned thus far. Simply retyping or summarizing what happened is worth very little on this assignment. Questions should be answered in paragraph form, using proper grammar and sentence structure. When supporting your position, use examples from work, school or other areas of your life to illustrate your point. Remember, do not simply cut and paste from a website etc, as this can be construed as plagiarism.

This assignment should be considered a formal report. It MUST be submitted as a single Word document via D2L for credit. The writing assignment is in a “Question and Answer” format. Please answer each question in paragraph form. Please write questions and answers in APA format by following How do You Format A Question and Answer in APA. There are no standard answers to the questions asked. However, your answers should be based on the Freakonomics book.

Please remember these reports will be run through looking for plagiarism. Please make sure you are aware of the University’s policies on plagiarism so that you avoid it at all costs. Instances of plagiarism will be reported to the University per the handbook.

Economies and Diseconomies of Scope

– Company chosen is Walmart -> Directions for paper are under ” Activity Instruction”
-2.5 pages is the minimum for this paper
-You will need to base your analysis and application on some research that you will do, but make sure that the paper focuses on the analysis and interpretation of what you have found, rather than just saying what you have found.

Often, costs can be lowered by producing a complementary good or service to the goods and services already produced. In this paper, you will explore the concepts of Economies and Diseconomies of Scope.

Activity Instructions
Choose a company that produces several products (goods and/or services). For the company you have selected, discuss the combinations of goods and services it produces.

Some questions you may consider in the paper:

Which goods and services enjoy economies of scope?
Why do those economies of scope arise? (Consider inputs, production, distribution and/or output markets, etc.)
Are there goods and services the company produces that could have diseconomies of scope?
Why do those diseconomies of scope arise?
If there are, what effect does that have on the company’s strategy (Consider costs, production, etc.)
What goods or services might you suggest the company consider producing?
Why would it be a good idea for the company to produce those suggested goods or services?

Growth trade and development

an individual essay, analysing a selected period in development in a poorer country, which will demonstrate the student’s capacity to understand the obstacles to, and levers of development in relation to trade

There are 47 Least developed countries to choose from… and 152 Developing countries according to the IMF

Does variable A cause variable B

Please write a topic idea. All requirements are in the first pdf. And there have some formatting checklist and general resource. There are the websites below.

Measure of Economic Health/GDP Importance

I included the instructions from the instructor in the files and an article as well. Also, I’ve pasted links to some of the articles for the two weeks covered of course work. It is a 3-4 page paper discussing the GDP and its effect on economic health. It MUST include three scholarly, peer-reviewed, or other credible sources, INCLUDING the course text.

The coursebook is : Amacher, R.,


Book review of Freakonomics would be best if in the format of

Can follow this format

Paragraph 1: summarise the main ideas in the book and state that your review wish es to focus on 3 key ideas.
Idea 1 – what they said / what others said about it/what you think (this may take 1, 2 or even 3 paragraphs).
Idea 2 – what they said / what others said about it/what you think (again may be 1 or 2 paragraphs).
Idea 3 – what they said / what others said about it/what you think

Or this format

Para 1: summarise main ideas of the book
Para 2: discuss what others have said about the book
Para 3 (and 4?) discuss what you like about the book
Para 4 (and 5) discuss any limitations

bitcoin future price and its impacts on the economy, inflation and money transfer

This topic will be my master thesis topic and please the writer who will work on this need to be assigned to me to work with me on writing the thesis.

I want for now to prepare a one page which will be describing the idea of the research topic, th problem, research objectives, initial question(s), and why the problem is relevant

· Planned methodology including type of empirical data and how the data will be obtained

and also i need to hypothesis questions for a quantitative research