Unmanned delivery drone

dear writer,
4 pages – first chapter
4 pages – second
10 pages – third
my subject is Unmanned delivery drone : computer vision- Artificial Intelligence I did the introduction and did some pages in the literature review.
I need your help to write about 18 pages about 1-computer vision in the UDV , 2- map perception , 3- destination perception
I collect some articles, and groups them in 3 compressed folders to help the writer. Your writer is free to add any references but he/she has to give them for me.
1st 4 pages about Computer vision, its models, algorithms, especially the recognizing places (skip its history, I did it),
2st 4 pages about find location, and direction using the 3D map and computer vision, I proposed that we shouldn’t relies on GPS due to 2 reasons,1st accuracy about (10 meters= check references), 2nd the possible of losing GPS signal, so we have to relies at computer vision. They can depend on street number perception and good 3D map.

3nd 10 pages ( this the main idea of my research) about destination perception, there are 2 ways, 1st a meeting point (X), 2nd house number and street number (this the main idea, I will develop new model for it). focus on the current used models like CNN, HMM, GMM, then I want to develop a new hybrid model, focus on the papers (m1,m1) which uploaded them to you.
important note: make sure each idea must have refence, I will check each them, one by one . please do not refer an idea to wrong reference.

Finally ( focus on it), street number, and house number perception is the most important procedure in the UDV journey because it can replace the GPS to arrive destination(fixing the direction) and insure accurate arrival.
Main Idea for this research is street number and house number view
I attached for you my introduction please look at it.
I attached for some references, use the, you can add more references, will be great but please send them to me.
Important Note: I will review and check each line in your writing, I will check the reference and mark the lines in references to be ready for discussion any time.so please don’t refer any idea to reference without being sure about it.
A query: can your writer give me the work chapter by chapter(3 chapters 10 days, each chapter about 3days). I mean every 3 days your writer will give a chapter !!
Best warm regards

A Strategic Weight Refinement Maneuver for Convolutional Neural Networks

This is just the first 2 chapters of the thesis.
More work will follow on this same thesis over the next 2 weeks.

Study area: Computer Science Research Area: Improving the accuracy rate and training time of Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithm on Convolutional Neural Networks. Brief Overview : To explore the several optimization techniques available for deep learning networks like CNN, and attempt to apply a strategic weight refinement maneuver with GSGD to the most commonly used optimization techniques for CNN. The aim of this research is to significantly improve prediction accuracies when compared to the canonical variants of the machine learning optimization techniques. The effective application of GSGD will realize the significance of inconsistencies on gradient computation in deep learning networks and aim to perform gradient computation and weight update using only consistent data. The algorithm will attempt to hide the inconsistencies present in the large training datasets for deep learning networks considering that it may become consistent over the next few iterations. While this enhancement comes at a cost of delay in network training, this research will further enhance the CNN-GSGD algorithm by parallelizing the gradient computation process in deep learning CNN to speed up the training process. I have already got proof of concept program code and favourable results in this research area. Thesis outline: Chapter 1: Big Data, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Chapter2 : Optimization Algorithms, Gradient Descent Algorithms, Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithm Chapter 3: I already have a published conference paper which would form basis of chapter 3. It involves addition of a strategic weight refinement maneuvre to Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithms for ConvolutionalNeuralNetworks. This maneuvre will act as a guide to SGD Algorithms which results in improved accuracy rates. Chapter 4: the same maneuvre is now parallelized and applied. Discuss drawbacks of previous chapter~ while improving accuracy it makes the training time longer. Solution is to parallelize thr strategic weight refinement maneuvre that I discussed in chapter 3. For reference and help ij writing this chapter , I will provide an additional paper which was applied to logistic regression and you can refer same concept being applied to Convolutional Neural Networks Chapter 5: Overall discussions and benefit of approach discussed in the thesis. Closing remarks and conclusion. References.

website maintenance and design

go through our entire Fresno Pacific University Athletics website. Click every single link and see where it takes you. Then, if something appears to be outdated, or the link doesn’t take you anywhere, or anything at all, make a note of it. Once you’ve compiled that list, I’d like you to send it my way. This is something you can work on from home.

I’ve attached my thoughts but feel free to do whatever you’d like. the only thing is the FPU logos must be the ones I’ve attached below.

must be made through Adobe Sparks!

IoT camera vulnerability was exploited to create the DDoS attack that impacted the Internet

Write a paper that explains what happened and how the IoT camera vulnerability was exploited to create the DDoS attack that impacted the Internet on 21 October 2016. Find at least five references that help answer the questions posed and describe how this type attack can be avoided in the future. This activity requires a detailed 7-10 page written technical report (excluding abstract and references/appendices). The report should be neat, readable, and self-contained. Also, it should be written with the readers in mind. Any knowledgeable reader should be able to understand your report, and benefit from the results you obtain. Therefore, you should include adequate references and/or background materials and you should use tables, diagrams, graphs, figures, and portions of printouts to enhance readers’ comprehension of your project.

Net Neutrality

Assignment Instructions
This analysis project requires you to tackle a problem within your field of study by first exploring it, its causes, and its impacts. Then, if you want, you can recommend one or more practical solutions to solve the problem.

After deciding on the problem you wish to tackle, begin building questions about it. Your goal for the analysis is to answer the questions through your sources. Finding multiple angles and perspectives is ideal so that you explore those possibilities in the final paper before settling on your recommendation. Be sure to identify what is at stake.

Here are questions to help guide your analysis:
What is the problem being addressed (explain, describe, and “prove” that it exists)?
Who is affected by this problem?
Why does this problem exist (identify the root causes)?
Why does the problem persist (identify the major factors that contribute to the problem’s ongoing presence)?
What is at stake if the problem is not solved?
If you decide to include a solution, use these questions to guide you:
Who can take action?
What should they do, exactly?
Why would this help?
What are the positive and negative aspects of your solution(s)?

PURPOSE: To analyze a problem and possibly provide a solution
AUDIENCE: Classmates, others interested in the field
LENGTH: 900 – 1,000 words (Times New Roman font). Please do not go significantly under or above the word count requirement.
SOURCES: 5 (five) sources from the APUS Library (These may include sources you used in previous assignments. Going under this number will cost points in grading.)
FORMAT: The citation style that is appropriate for your discipline
I added my Bibliography with 5 total sources on it, hopefully they help with the topic of the paper. The sources have to be from the APUS library so if you use others, please ensure it is coming from that source.