For you to become the best leader, you must understand the scope of various leadership styles.

Use at least four scholarly sources and remember to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections in your essay. Cite your sources in APA format.
There are many paths to leadership. For you to become the best leader, you must understand the scope of various leadership styles. Think about the leaders you have had in the past in which you wanted to emulate as well as the leaders that you vowed that you would never take on their characteristics. • Define leadership and shared leadership.• Compare managerial leadership with transformational leadership, and describe the features of task-oriented, people-oriented, and servant leadership.• Discuss the elements of path–goal leadership theory and leadership substitutes theory.• Which of these leadership styles best describe where you are know and what you aspire to be in the future?

Res 710 discussion questions

Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following:
What are some of the key issues and questions that need to be
addressed during mergers and acquisitions? How do firms handle the business
valuation of an acquisition?
Include your own experience as well as 2 citations that align
with or contradict your comments as sourced from peer-reviewed academic
journals, industry publications, books, or other sources. Cite your sources
using APA formatting.
Cash flow statements are financial reports showing how
variations in balance sheet accounts and income affect cash and cash
equivalents and break the study down to functioning, investing and financing
activities. Essentially the cash flow statement is related to the flow of cash
in and out of the business.
Give any other example of what a cash flow statement would look
For successful integration, employees should be informed by both
parties at all times, empowered, and should not be left in the dark. The
concerns, fears, and questions of the employees should be addressed. An environment
of transparency and trust should be created.
What are some other problems that can be encountered during
mergers and acquisitions and how can they be overcome successfully? Please

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You are writing as a managerial economics consultant with no way of predicting the course of the virus, how long it and restrictions on business activities will last, or what the economic climate will be like in the future. Begin by providing a BRIEF background and history of the firm and their place in the industry/economy they operate in. Historical information is to be short. More important is their current status – but not the most important. The firm you are consulting for knows its history and is primarily interested in learning about what they can do in the present and near future – this is where the great majority of your work should be. Detail the challenges they face at present and may encounter in the days ahead. Frame these challenges in the context of the real risks and uncertainties being dealt with. With the goal of helping the firm to eventually reach a fully functioning and healthy, profitable state, you are to provide recommendations for what actions they should take to deal with these successfully. This is the core of the project and where the majority of your efforts are to be directed. These actions should be practical, achievable and clearly stated – no fuzzy, feel good notions allowed. The material should be based on what you gain from sound industry/firm/economic/societal research and the application of a broad range of concepts and theories covered in this course, with more from economics and other relevant areas added at your discretion.
Do not select business that are currently successful, like Google, Facebook, Home Depot etc. Find one that is of interest to you that is experiencing real distress and may not survive. Do not use any work from previous classes or individuals (your own or others). Material in this Research Project is to be CURRENT – as in up to today if possible – with a clear focus on what can be done in the days ahead.
4 pages

Write TWO separate 500 word discussion replies on Dynamic Organizational Processes/Organizational DesignandStructure

Each reply (total of two) must be at least 500 words and must have at least 3 scholarly citations, which must have been published within the last five years.
Use proper grammar and current 7th Edition APA formatting. (see documents attached for 7th Edition APA format and proper citation format)
Submit discussion replies as 2 separate Microsoft Word document
Must use critical thinking and provide new ideas regarding the discussion
See attachments for both discussion thread that you must respond to
Attached is an example of 7th Edition APA formatting

business homework

Most businesses want to know when something is wrong with their products or services so they can correct the matter and satisfy their customers.
Response back to a customer complaint should seek to address your customer’s concerns without dismissing their complaint.
Assignment Instructions:
This is the communication necessary in conducting the company’s business.
The suggestions for writing these messages are much the same as for those types previously discussed. The need for clarity, correctness, and courtesy should guide these efforts.
Before you write anything, you should think through the situation and work out a strategy by answering the problem-solving questions on page 410 of the textbook. NOTE: I have prepared and attached a fillable PDF form for you to use to work out your response strategy.
To write this message, writers should do the following:
Organize using the direct order and the suggestions for a response from the module lessons
Choose the appropriate tone (casual, moderately formal, or formal)
Be clear and courteous
Order the information logically
Close in a way that builds goodwill
Step 1: Review the Three-Part Writing Process in Module 2.0 beginning on page 57 in your textbook. Plan your communication strategy using the Audience Analysis Checklist, Message Outline Worksheet, and Planning Process Using the Problem-Solving Approach worksheet(s) attached below.
Step 2: Remember to also write the message using the appropriate word choice and tone skills learned in Module 2.0. Click here for a list of the word choice and tone learning outcomes to meet when writing in business.
I’ll be providing the scenario!!

networks, privacy, and security presentation

The purpose of this assignment is to explore legal and ethical issues related to networks, privacy, and security, as well as to research specific types of privacy and security threats and the measures that employee users should take to maintain privacy and security within an organization.
Assume you are part of the IT security team in your organization. Research one common employee IT privacy and security issues and ways that employee users can protect themselves and the business from privacy and security breaches and risks. Some common risks to business include:
Lack of password management
Electronic storage and transfer of information
Privilege abuse by employees
Use of unapproved hardware and software
Data mishandling
Equipment misuse (including hardware and systems)
Knowledge misuse
Unapproved workarounds
Securing company data and information on personal employee devices (e.g., cell phones, tablets)
Collaboration with third-party service providers
Social engineering
Phishing attacks
Summarize your research findings and educate employees about the identified IT privacy and security issues.
Create a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of six slides that addresses the following:
Define the employee privacy/security issue and explain why it could be a risk for an organization.
Provide a specific workplace scenario to illustrate the employee privacy/security issue.
Discuss the legal and ethical implications the privacy/security issue presents for the employee, the company, and the customer.
Describe the negative impact the employee privacy/security issue could present to the organization in terms of its overall effect on accounting, finance, marketing, management, economics, and general business operations.
Discuss the ways that employee users can protect themselves and the business from these types of privacy and security breaches and risks.
Discuss specific policies, strategies, and techniques that could be employed by the organization and the employee to minimize the identified employee privacy/security issue.
Discuss how to educate employees about the identified IT privacy and security risks.
Include speaker notes at the bottom of each slide.
Submit the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file only. Do not submit any other file format, such as an Adobe PDF file, or you will not earn full credit.
Refer to the resource, “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” located in the Student Success Center, for additional guidance on completing this assignment in the appropriate style.
While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. A link to the LopesWrite technical support articles is located in Class Resources if you need assistance. .

Personal Critical Self-Reflection

Write a 350-word personal critical self-reflection about your preparedness for this course. Apply forward-looking reflective questions such as the following, which you may use as guidance:
What are your expectations for this course?
Review the competencies for this course in the Course Syllabus. Which is most important to you, and why? Provide a motivation for your choice.
How will these course competencies help you to be better at your work/career? Provide specific examples to support your response.
Submit your assignment.
Center for Writing Excellence
Reference and Citation Generator
Grammar Assistance

FNCE 3001 interpreting financial statement

Assignment: Interpreting Financial Statements You will remember from the Week 1 Assignment
that Medi-Supply is a small but growing company that sells medical
devices to hospitals in the local area. The company wants to expand
their distribution regionally and hopefully nationally with their
innovative devices. They are looking for investors as well as seeking
out potential banks to borrow funds for expansion. These investors
require standardized financial statements and are very hesitant to get
involved with any companies before ensuring their adherence to ethical
business and financial practices, in order to avoid tarnishing their
owner of Medi-Supply has hired XYZ Corporation to provide consulting
services to help them sort through their financial data, build their
financial statements to display to potential investors, and help them
ensure they are on track with their goals and are avoiding any potential
risks. You have been assigned to this project by your manager, Tim
Lewis. Tim asks you to compile the results of your review into a series
of reports, with detailed financial statements included.
In Week 1, you completed a business report on
the management goals and financial ethics of Medi-Supply company. This
week, you will continue your work by preparing financial statements and a
business report related to your findings.
To prepare for this Assignment:
Review this week’s Learning Resources.
Download the Week 2 Assignment Financial Statement Excel Template
and the Week 2 Assignment Business Report Template. You will use both
documents to complete this Assignment.
Refer to the Academic Writing Expectations for 2000/3000-Level Courses as you compose your Assignment.
By Day 7
Submit your completed Financial Statement Excel Template along with your business report that addresses the following prompts.
Part 1: Preparing a Balance SheetUsing the Financial Statement Excel Template, which includes the
needed data, prepare a balance sheet for Medi-Supply. Be sure to use
proper Excel formulas to show your work in cells where math is involved
to derive the answers.
Using the Business Report Template, how would you interpret the
quality of the balance sheet? In your response, be sure to address
whether there is excessive leverage, enough cash to make payroll and/or
buy equipment, et cetera. (75–150 words, or 1–2 paragraphs)
Based on your interpretation of the balance sheet, would you
recommend lending to the company? Explain why or why not, including any
potential risks. (75–150 words, or 1–2 paragraphs)
Part 2: Building an Income StatementUsing the Financial Statement Excel Template, which includes the
needed data, prepare an income statement for Medi-Supply. Be sure to use
proper Excel formulas to show your work in cells where math is involved
to derive the answers.
Using the Business Report Template, address the following using Medi-Supply’s income statement:Interpret the quality of the income statement for this company. Is
the income statement improving or deteriorating over time? Explain your
answer, including why you reached your conclusion. (75–150 words, or 1–2
Describe whether or not this company is profitable. If the company
is unprofitable, explain if it is growing fast enough for sales to
outpace expenses. (75 words, or 1 paragraph)
Based on their income statement, would you invest in the company? (75 words, or 1 paragraph)

Part 3: Calculating the Operating Cash FlowUsing the Financial Statement Excel Template, which includes the
needed data, compute the operating cash flow for Medi-Supply. Be sure to
use proper Excel formulas to show your work in cells where math is
involved to derive the answers.
Using the Business Report Template, address the following using Medi-Supply’s operating cash flow: Interpret the quality of the operating cash flow for this company.
Is the operating cash flow improving or deteriorating over time? Explain
your answer, as well as why you reached your conclusion. (75–150 words,
or 1–2 paragraphs)
Describe whether or not the company generates positive cash flow from operations. (75 words, or 1 paragraph)
Based on the quality of their cash flow, would you invest in the company? (75 words, or 1 paragraph)

Note: For each part of your business
report, be sure to reference at least one scholarly source to support
your findings, for a total of three (3) scholarly sources. Use the Week 2
Assignment Business Report Template and the Week 2 Assignment Financial
Statement Excel Template, provided in this week’s Learning Resources,
to complete this Assignment.

Hospitality Networking Series

1. Summarize three articles. Each article can be about 100 words or less. It’s ok if I can understand it. The article is about the Franchise of Marriott Hotel. The articles have to be less than 10 years old
2. Also, if you have an interview with the president of Marriott, there are five questions you want to ask about the franchise.