Biological Psychology Week 3 Project

Choosing what area of biological psychology begins with examining the following areas related to the course competencies. Choose 3 areas from the list below. One thing to remember this is a course on psychology so the research should relate to biological psychology and less on purely the medical issues related to the disorders and conditions that may be part of your research:

I chose
1. Biological systems and operations (e.g., vision, hearing, cognition, immunity, and nervousness).
2. Biological systems on mental health and daily patterns (e.g., the sleep-wake cycle).
3. Impact of biology on learning.

Using the South University Online Library database find 2 journal articles related to each of the chosen areas. (provided for you)
Write a summary for each of the journal articles found.
Write an analysis and evaluation for each of the journal articles found.

Lab: Isolation of DNA

Good afternoon, please find the instructions in the files.

Also, there is NO NEED of MLA because that is not needed. I only need you to do the experiment (explanation in files), take pictures of everything, add them on a document, together with written observations about the lab.

Muscle 2 Homework

When the spanish conquistadores encountered the peoples of South America they encountered a weapon uknown to them at the time. The natives used curare, poison taken from the bark of a local vine to hunt animals. The poisoned arrows worked equally well on the invading conquistadores….. death due to respiratory failure.
Since that time a derivative of curare, Tubocurarine, has been effectively used as an anesthetic during surgery. The drug competes with acetylcholine for binding sites on muscle cells. What effect on muscle function would this interference cause? Which enzyme could you inhibit to restore normal function?

Grading Rubric:

5 points – Described specific effects of curare on muscle function

5 points – Described which enzyme would inhibit effects of curarie


Presentations should include:

A. Background on the disease. This should include symptoms, when was it most prevalent, any particular group of people affected, number of people infected, and number of deaths that may have occurred.

B. The organism that causes the disease. The anatomy of the organism, any special features that contribute to its ability to infect.

C. How is the disease treated? Is it curable? Was there an epidemic or pandemic? How was it controlled?

D. Do you think we should be concerned today with an increase of the disease occurring in the future in light of what we are going through now?