Advanced Accounting. Consolidated Financial Statements

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– Problem 37
Complete the exercises using MS-Excel, using functions and formulas as appropriate.

Your totals need to tie into the numbers that the totals are representing. Therefore, if your totals do not tie into the total I provided, either put your total in based on your numbers to tie into your work, or delete my total.

If your numbers don’t tie into my total, you will receive partial credit for the correct numbers with-in the answer so long as you either put your total in, or delete my total. If the total does not tie into the numbers above that the total represents, for example you left my total in but does not add up to above I will mark the entire section wrong.

You must put in negative numbers as such. If you want the number to represent a negative #, you need to enter the number as a negative #.

You must put commas in you numbers wherever applicable.

SWOT analysis of a marketing plan

Create a SWOT analysis for the below marketing plan:

Walmart is one of the largest companies in the United States. They have low prices that are competitive in nature with all of the surrounding stores. Higher customer satisfaction leads to more business, more business leads to more money, more money Walmart can then invest back into its stores. A huge company asset Walmart would gain from is more efficient self- checkout machines. Everyday Walmart loses at least 100’s of dollars from products being stolen. Walmart could have it’s own UPC reader/bar code on each item/product that’s automatically scanned as soon as it’s passed over the scanner. If this bar code is not scanned then the alarms will sound when the customer is leaving. This could be Walmart’s very own “sustainable competitive advantage” If Walmart were able to gain thousands of dollars more a year in profits with this new system and their already everyday low prices they would be one the most successful and high profiting businesses in the United States. This new system also offers several more advantages that include, allowing guests to efficiently check themselves out while shopping, in an effort to keep the crowdedness around check-out lines at a minimum-to none. This system will allow a much more efficient shopping experience for Walmart shoppers and will eliminate wage costs as Walmart will be needing fewer employees working the check-out lines. Shoplifting will not be an issue because the UPC readers will detect any unpaid items when they cross the door line and an alarm will sound.

Also use the link attached to see the SWOT instructions:


IDEA Assignments:

IDEA is analytical software commonly used in auditing. There is a link in Start Here to the software which you downloaded in week 1. This software is needed again for assignments this week. The data files were loaded in week 1 when the software was installed. Remember to use the tutorial videos provided by IDEA.

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Answer Questions Below

FASB Codification Your client is in the planning phase for a major plant expansion, which will involve the construction of a new warehouse. The assistant controller does not believe that interest cost can be included in the cost of the warehouse, because it is a financing expense. Others on the planning team believe that some interest cost can be included in the cost of the warehouse, but no one could identify the specific authoritative guidance for this issue. Your supervisor asks you to research this issue.
1. Is it permissible to capitalize interest into the cost of assets? Provide authoritative support for your answer.
2. What are the objectives for capitalizing interest?
3. Discuss which assets qualify for interest capitalization.
4. Is there a limit to the amount of interest that may be capitalized in a period?
5. If interest capitalization is allowed, what disclosures are required?