Surprise!  Reply to a second item in this week’s EarthWeek Diary for up to

Surprise!  Reply to a second item in this week’s EarthWeek Diary for up to 10-points Extra Credit!  This is the same Diary as posted earlier in the week – so all you have to do is pick a new item to post something about and you’ll get some Extra Credit points.  This second posting is optional.

For those that may need a refresher on WHAT TO DO for this assignment, please see the Discussion Instructions document.  Please be sure to follow the instructions before posting a response in order to gain maximum participation points.

Thoroughly read through the entire 1-page Earthweek Diary below.  Then Select ONE featured topic in the Diary that you found especially interesting or significant in some way.
Do a quick search to find out anything more that you can add about the topic that interested you.  Or select a similar, related item you discover in your search.  Choose and capture a map, photo, video clip, document, or other item to share in your reply, and then,
POST to the discussion board a comment or brief description of what you found out and insert the graphic -photo, map, etc. in your posting so the entire class can check it out and learn something new as well.  That’s it!  For maps and photos especially, embed the actual map or photo instead of a LINK to the photo.  SHOW us in your posting.   Also, for video clips or web site links – be sure to INSERT > LINK > to enter the URL so it is “HOT” for us anxious readers who want to just click and go see for ourselves!

Keep it brief – a paragraph or so is all that is required.  Pick a single concept or point or two to remark upon – this is not the place for a full book report – but SHOW and TELL us something new!

It’s perfectly OK to remark on a topic that someone has already contributed on.  Simply add to the discussion with a different map, photo, or link, and offer your own commentary.
Please reply to each others posts now and then, introduce yourselves to each other, share additional stories if you like.  Your original discussion posting on the Weekly Diary topic you selected is required and counted for point value – but replying to your classmates demonstrates courtesy and harmonizes our class.  Support each other!  

OK!  Here’s the CURRENT Earthweek Diary for the week ending Friday, July 02, 2021.    Look it over, find something out that you can add to any one item (don’t forget to grab a map, photo, doc or link!) – and then Post to Share!