Summarize a video

Assignment Instructions
Write a short (approximately 1 page or 300-word) response to the reading
Respond to these questions:
Summarize – What is the case study about?
3-5 Sentences
Shorter is better
Creating a short summary = More likely to remember
Pretend you were going to explain it to a friend

What did you find most interesting or relevant?
3 important aspects or concepts
Can be ways Creative Problem Solving (CPS) was used/applied
Can be ideas and situations you found interesting from a CPS perspective

How can you relate this situation or the creative problem solving concept for this week to your own life?
Share at least two examples
Be specific and detailed
You can also relate to other people or common experiences

Document and reflect on your learning
Make connections to concepts presented in class videos and activities
12-pt Times New Roman text, 1” margins, double spaced
Cite in MLA or APA format any quoted or paraphrased material or any article or work used
The assignment will be graded for substantive completion.