In order to clarify the nature of the networked application, ask yourself the following questions, whose answers will be included in your project proposal.

Who are the clients or customers who will benefit from your proposed networked application service?

What business objective does the proposed service meet for the company or business that plans to offer such a service to its clients or customers? Please use bullet points to organize multiple objectives.
What will be the application architecture for the networked application under consideration? Refer to Section 2.2 in the textbook. Please try to use figures to explain the architecture.
What kind of information will the client obtain through your networked application? Will you provide them with text, video, and voice information? If possible, provide a snapshot or picture of similar applications.
What will be the application layers used: e-mail, HTTP, VoIP, instant messaging, video conferencing? If your application used multiple application layer protocols, please mention what kinds of data (voice, video, text) will each protocol carry?
What will be some of the performance requirements of your application: latency, availability, security, cost effectiveness, accessibility? How will you prioritize your requirements?
What will be some of the basic initial requirements that you can identify at this point in order to provide the application to your clients? Is cost effectiveness your priority, or do you worry more about the quality or your application? What is some of the infrastructure you will need? Do you have the staff to manage your infrastructure, or do you plan to outsource management to an external service provider? Please organize the requirements using bullet points and complete the attached word document. I have provided a copy of what was done in Week 1 that include the title of my project.

Grading Rubric: Milestone 1—Proposal (60 points)
Descriiption of the service summary (200 words max) (5 points)
Intended clients or customers (10 points)
Business objective statement (10 points)
Application architecture descriiption (10 points)
Information provided to the clients (10 points)
Basic network requirements (10 points)