Structural Mechanics Lab: Free and Forced Vibration

Please make sure to include ALL the flowing points!
– Abstract [10 points]: The abstract should not be more than 250 words, and it must contain a brief description of
what was done, the objectives of the experiment, and the main results.
– Data analysis and discussions [70 points]:
1. Obtain the average value and standard deviation for the equivalent stiffness and compare it to the
theoretical value. [25 pts]
2. Provide a plot of the free damped response measured by the data acquisition system and a table with the ten
values of consecutive maxima and the corresponding logarithmic decrements. Show the average value for
the decrements and the calculated damping ratio with their standard deviation. [40 pts]
3. Report the damped natural frequency of the system and the resonance frequency [5 points].
Conclusion [12 points]: This section should summarize the principal ideas extracted from the results and discussion.
References [3 points]: The report should include a list of all the books and journal papers used in writing the lab