Stage of chronic renal failure

Module 9 Active Learning Guide

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Instructions:  Complete the module active learning guide as you work through the module content. You will submit this for points.

Reading Focus Areas

  1. When conducting all of your readings this week, keep an active Know, What to know, and what you Learned (KWL) chart.
Know Want to Know What you Learned


  1. Define 10 terms from your chapter readings


Term Definition


Deeper Level Questions


  1. Develop a chart with at least 5 causes of each type of acute renal failure:
    1. Prerenal
    2. Intrarenal
    3. Postrenal



  1. Complete the following chart on the stages of chronic renal failure.
Stage of chronic renal failure GFR (mL/Min) Symptoms of uremia Serum



Mild renal impairment Not clearly progressive
Mild 50 – 75
Moderate Mild
Severe Moderate Salt and water retention evident
End-Stage 8 mg/dL


  1. Diagram a hemodialysis unit and a peritoneal dialysis unit starting and ending with the patient access.


  1. Describe the different available accesses for hemodialysis. Include risk factors for both types of renal replacement therapies.