SPT 570 Sport Management Capstone

SPT 570 Sport Management Capstone

Final Assignment – Creating a Sport Event




Students will create a NEW grassroots sporting event to be held at a location of your choosing in Jacksonville, FL. The purpose of the event should be to benefit 1) a specific JU athletic team, 2) the overall JU athletics department, or 3) a local charity. Students should be creative and thorough when developing the event plan. For example, students can create an event that could serve such purposes as a fundraiser, talent identification, recruitment, community involvement, etc.


Elements of the Assignment


  1. Title page


  1. Event Overview – clearly define the purpose and parameters of the event (develop your vision for the event)


  1. Situational Analysis – discussion of the relevant internal and external conditions potentially having an impact on this event. Students should consider employing (at least portions of) a Porter’s Five Force Analysis


  1. Develop three SMART goals for the event


  1. Develop a mini-marketing plan in order to promote the event
    1. Identify specific target market(s)
    2. Product – provide specific details about the event. If it is a competition of some sort (like a 5K race), include rules & regulations in the appendix
    3. Place – where & when will the event take place? Identify potential risks of the location and how to manage/minimize those risks
    4. Price – is there a cost for participants and/or spectators? What are sources of revenue?
    5. Promotion – develop a promotional plan – how will you create awareness? (including timeline & budget in the appendix)
      1. Where applicable, identify/propose corporate partners (sponsors) and discuss their role


  1. Develop a plan to recruit, train, and reward volunteers/staff


  1. Develop a budget for all marketing, equipment, staffing, and other related needs (include in the appendix)


  1. Develop a plan and necessary tools for evaluating the success of the event
    1. How will you deem it a success? Revenues? Participation?

Assignment Requirements


  • Each section listed above should be included in the assignment. Designate each separate section either in boldface type, or on a separate page.
  • An APA formatted reference page should be included at the end of the document. It should include a minimum of 4 references
  • Event plans should be free of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. For every three such errors, one letter grade will be deducted.